NTMG Fake Nails F.A.Q.

Hello all! For those of you who have purchased items from my Etsy store or elsewhere, here’s some tips and tricks to measure and apply your false nails and keep them looking great.

Measuring Your Nails

How To Measure Nails

Applying the Nails

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry (no handcream, etc). Swipe with nail polish remover or alcohol if needed. Do not apply artificial nails if your nails are damaged.

2. Choose the artificial nail closest in size to your natural nail. Nails that are too large may be filed with an nail file if necessary.

3. Apply adhesive and press the artificial nail firmly for 5-10 seconds.

Types of Adhesive

Adhesive Tabs- A good choice for when you want to wear the nails for a short time, such as for a party or event. With adhesive tabs, you can reuse the nails. The downside is that they are not as strong or long lasting, and if your nails get wet or oily, the adhesive can weaken. The adhesive tabs  in my shop are from Japan and the best I’ve found in many years of experimenting!  They should for several days with normal wear but are not hard on the nails if removed carefully by soaking in warm water.

Adhesive Tab DIY

Nail Glue- This glue is the type used in most salons and commonly sold in drugstores. It has a very firm hold and bonds nails very strongly in 5-10 seconds. Nails may be worn for up to a week with this glue. However, due to the strong hold, acetone must be used to dissolve the glue and this will ruin the artificial nails. Do be careful when removing nails- do not peel them off as it can damage the natural nail!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me or leave a comment!



2 Responses to NTMG Fake Nails F.A.Q.

  1. I’d like to add that if you have really short nails (like bitten nails that are so short that they don’t extend past the end of the finger) that even with glue the nails don’t stay on very well. They still look amazing but you might need to take glue with you for emergency fixings!

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