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What I’ve Been Making Late April/Early May 2016

It’s been a gray and rainy few days and I’m ready for hot weather. The sky looked like winter today-if it had started snowing, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I’m waiting for my ship to come in- literally! The shipment … Continue reading

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Color Challenge- Pantone Fiesta and Tigerlily

Today’s color challenge is a nice, zippy shade called Pantone Fiesta 17-1564. It’s a warm-leaning slightly dusty red which reminds me of the American Southwest. It’s not a vivid, clean color, but more a sunwashed desert red. It is a … Continue reading

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Challenging Myself With Color- Pantone Striking Purple

For those of you guys who have been with me from the start, you know I began with color. I was in living in a shoebox of an apartment in Tokyo. I had a fine arts background, but the apartment … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This will be the first St. Patty’s Day I’ve celebrated in a while! Somehow, all things Irish just don’t translate that well in Asia. I might go and try to check out the parade and see what it’s all about, … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2015

I’m sitting back, thinking on 2015. I’m in the description-defying capital of Burma/Myanmar at the moment. It’s a chaotic blur with peaceful corners and quiet spaces, where monks calmly weave their way through insane traffic jams on fume-choked streets. The … Continue reading

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2015 Part 3

Still more entries from the 2015 Tokyo Nail Expo! The theme is “Happy Kawaii,” roughly translated as “Happy Cute.” I’ve collaged the photos, otherwise this post would be too photo-heavy to load in less than a year. Our first stop … Continue reading

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2015 Part 2

Whew! Wrapping up the Tokyo Nail Expo after one more very long day, I had a chance to check out my favourite part of the show: the Nail Tip Award. The theme for this year’s contest was Happy Kawaii. Kawaii … Continue reading

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