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Daily Dose of Inspiration- Hedgehog Washcloth

I’m surrendering to my kawaii side. No use fighting it anymore, apparently. Here’s my adorable hedgehog washcloth- from Japan, natch. It’s a conundrum. Too cute to use every day, but then what do you do with it? I’m very anti-clutter … Continue reading

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What A Screamin’ Fuschia Drag

Today’s color sounds like an obscure curse that someone might utter in place of a real one so as not to offend delicate ears. But really, it’s just the mashup of Color Club’s ‘What a Drag’ and ‘Screamin’ Fuschia.” Guess … Continue reading

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Girly Overdose Pink

Well, the scary stuff isn’t ending with the Kit Kats…this weekend, I made a color that was pretty overwhelming in its girliness- bright Barbie pink with metallic baby  pink glitter: This one was very easy- 2 parts creme white to … Continue reading

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Blue Steel

Here’s an electric blue made from a hideous old eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, you can see the lumps on the surface but it made a better nail polish than eyeshadow.  This was from the Japanese dollar store. I have no idea why I … Continue reading

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Pigment Tutorial Part 1

Here it is, finally! The Pigment Tutorial! For our purposes, pigment is a dry coloring material that can change the color or texture or a nail polish. Some pigment is loose, and some is pressed (think loose eyeshadow vs. the … Continue reading

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Marmalade Glitter

I’ve been making a lot of glitters lately. (Surprise!) Although I’m a glitter troll, it has to be a very specific kind of glitter. I’m not crazy about rough glitter and I generally prefer smooth to chunky. My favorite is … Continue reading

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Liquid Sunshine

It’s been raining endlessly in Japan, so here’s a glittery canary yellow to lift my spirits a little: I made this one with some yellow eyeshadow (MAC Chrome Yellow- what on earth was I thinking?!) in a base of white pearl … Continue reading

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