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DIY Gold Leaf Topcoat

There’s been quite a few real gold leaf topcoats on the market this season, but they’re pricey and only 14 or 18K gold. They’re a fun luxurious touch for a special event, but too expensive to be a frequent gilt-y … Continue reading

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Skin Food Singapore Nail Polish- Part 1

I recently went to Singapore and couldn’t find much polish- until some local readers commented and directed me to a few places- thanks very much for directing me to some glitter! I found a trove of sparkly wonders at a shop called … Continue reading

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We Interrupt The Subway Service For Dessert

As you guys know, I’ve been mixing colors inspired by the Tokyo Subway map, but I have to interrupt myself to show you something very cool: a foiled Konadicure with a homemade cupcake ornament. Lovely Brooke from Getcha Nails Did … Continue reading

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Blue Steel

Here’s an electric blue made from a hideous old eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, you can see the lumps on the surface but it made a better nail polish than eyeshadow.  This was from the Japanese dollar store. I have no idea why I … Continue reading

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Pinked Mauve

Pink eyeshadow.  I can’t wear it without looking sick.  In fact, I can’t really imagine this shade looking good on anyone: It’s MAC Pinked Mauve and it came in one of those holiday sets  with the mini-pigments (maybe from 2008?). … Continue reading

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Being Fabulous, Not Cruel

As you guys know, it’s important to me personally to not use cosmetic products that are tested on animals.  It’s just unnecessarily cruel- there is no need for cosmetics testing in this day and age, especially since there are butt-kickin’ … Continue reading

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Shooting Stars

In honor of the Perseid shooting stars which I didn’t get to see here in Japan, here’s a celestial manicure. I only wore this for a bit because the little acrylic stars were just begging to be picked off. I … Continue reading

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Foil Tutorial

A while back, I talked about how to get true metallic nails. Currently, there is no really mirror-like metallic polish on the market. There are some foily shiny polishes, but nothing truly reflective. Maybe in a few years, but nothing … Continue reading

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Foil Mania

I’m beginning to think I should change the name of this blog to Nevertoomuchfoil! I love me some nail foils and I’ve got a few more to show you today. My first foray into the nail foil world was with … Continue reading

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More Foil Nails

Hello readers! I’m in a painting frenzy building up some stock for my store, so I’m just posting a quick photo of some more foil nails I tried. This is what they look like after a few hours’ wear.  This … Continue reading

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