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Franken With An Old OPI

Hello everyone! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything- between nail school and a summer holiday in Indonesia, I’ve been out and about quite a lot. My nails and cuticles are an awful mess since we’ve been … Continue reading

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Orange Fire

I went back to the drawing board, trying to create a juicy summer orange, and had another fail. I do like this color better, but it screams “autumn” to me, which is what I was trying to avoid. Oh well, … Continue reading

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Orange Meh

I’m now healed up from my mangosteen injury so that polish remover in the cut won’t send me into a fit of howling pain. I don’t think it’ll leave a scar, but the mangosteen definitely won that round. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Filthy Cheeto Orange

Hey everyone, the annual winter cold has got me in its grip. It started in my head and is working its way downward. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m feeling pretty crummy and I sound like Donald Duck. I … Continue reading

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Golden Opportunity + Sexy Silhoutte

Hmm, I couldn’t think up a good name for this franken. So, I just decided to go with the obvious. Both colors, Golden Opportunity and Sexy Silhoutte, are from China Glaze. The SS is a nice mid-tone fuschia with a … Continue reading

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Ginza Orange

The Ginza Line is one of the oldest in Tokyo and is pretty close to the surface, which is a reasuuring idea in the event of an earthquake. It’s also one of the most crowded lines in Tokyo. I ride … Continue reading

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Orange Inspiration

Thanks everyone for your well wishes- I am totally recovered from my bout with food poisoning and did make it out with my guy for his Halloween birthday last night. We had a lovely dinner, then came home and watched some … Continue reading

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Orange Spider

Here’s a nicer Halloween mani! This is Essie Lifesaver, a sheer and frustrating mid-tone orange shimmer, with some burnt orange craft microglitter. The Essie is crummy as a regular polish- four coats and I still had visible nail line- but … Continue reading

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Marmalade Glitter

I’ve been making a lot of glitters lately. (Surprise!) Although I’m a glitter troll, it has to be a very specific kind of glitter. I’m not crazy about rough glitter and I generally prefer smooth to chunky. My favorite is … Continue reading

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Orange Fizz

Well, here’s my second attempt at orange holo.  I think it worked out better than my first attempt.  I used the same base color as yesterday, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Pink Rose Diamond.  Instead of layering orange on top, I … Continue reading

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