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Color Challenge- Pantone 345

Today’s color is a midtone seafoam green with a hint of blue. It’s a bit like a robin’s egg, but a wee bit more green. It’s greener than photographed here. These pastel greens are always problematic for most cameras to … Continue reading

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Color Challenge- Pantone 3278

What color is today? It’s a mid-tone green that reminds me a bit of Girl Scout uniforms, but leaning a bit more teal than those. Speaking of Girl Scouts, their Thin Mints have changed formulas. Though they became vegan (yay!), … Continue reading

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China Glaze Paper Chasing Frankens

With my nail polish stash numbering in the 4 figures (even Mr. NTMG doesn’t know exactly how many there are…mwa ha ha), I’ve been sorting through and culling the stash a bit. I find I rarely use sheer polishes, except … Continue reading

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Labradorite-Inspired Nails

If there’s one thing I like almost as much as glittery nail polish, it’s big chunky rings. I have small hands, so they tend to look somewhat ridiculous, but that has never stopped me before! Mr. NTMG bought me a … Continue reading

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Tornado Sky Sage Green Franken

I have never seen a tornado, not having lived in that part of the world, but I’ve seen photos of the odd green sky that sometimes accompanies them. I think I’d keel over and die on the spot if I … Continue reading

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Some Indian-Inspired Greens for Deepavali

Well, I’m back in my apartment after a lovely couple weeks in Hawaii. It’s November and it’s hot and sticky, which feels more than a little odd, but I’m trying to get into the holiday mood.  I’m headed to Japan … Continue reading

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Nars Zulu

I’m embarrassed to admit I paid $18 for NARS Zulu. It was a cult favorite, a legend among nail polishes, and I grabbed a bottle when it was re-issued. I’m….not impressed. It’s certainly not a bad color, but it is … Continue reading

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Plutonium Green

All right, I went for the glittery version of the plutonium, as everyone recommended! This color1/3 OPI* Ski Till We Drop, 1/3 OPI Who The Shrek Are You, and 1/3 of that super-streaky Essie *Funky Limelight, then added a bunch … Continue reading

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Improving on Zoya Akyra

While I always like a good dark green polish, I’m not all that fond of shimmers. And sheer-ish green shimmers are somewhere at the bottom of my list.  Zoya’s Akyra is…you guesssed it…a sheer green shimmer. The color does build … Continue reading


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Salad Days

I’ve been thinking about food lately…especially vegetables and salads. Here in Japan salads usually consist of a thick layer of shredded cabbage, topped with a few sad pieces of iceberg lettuce. Then again, eating vegetables raw is not really a … Continue reading

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