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Preppy Tweed Glitter Frankens

Yes, “preppy tweed glitter.” Not words often heard together, but that’s what I’ve got up my sleeve today! I’ve had a few questions lately about how to mix up glitter polishes. Right now, there are quite a few independent nail-polish … Continue reading

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Frankening With Iridescent Pigments and Glitter

Today I have some polish + iridescent pigment frankens to show you. These pigments have a whitish base with a certain color flash in the correct light.  They’re sometimes called “aurora” or “interference pigments.” Many of these iridescent pigments look … Continue reading

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Matte Marschino Cherry

I know the matte look has come and gone, but for someone who changes polish as much as I do, I enjoy a change in textures and looks. This one looks deceptively simple, but it was just perfect for an … Continue reading

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OPI Sorta Like This Color

I’ve been going through my stash of polish, trying to weed out colors that I never use. Some were bought online and I found I didn’t like the color, others clashed with my skintone, or others were too sheer for … Continue reading

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MAC Bad Fairy Franken

I really wanted to get one of the polishes from MAC’s recent Venemous Villians collection but wasn’t waiting online or lined up outside the store so I missed out. The color was Bad Fairy, a sort of duochrome russet color … Continue reading

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Asakusa Line Red

Asakusa Line Red is sort of a dusty carmine red color as opposed to the true red of the Marunouchi Line.  My franken today is so-so, but I liked the color it turned out to be. Reds are tricky because … Continue reading

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Marunouchi Line

Today’s color was a bit of a challenge. It’s the Marunouchi Line (ma-roo-no-ooh-chee) line, which is slightly warm neutral red. As you may know, red is a primary color, meaning there is no way to mix it from other colors.  It’s … Continue reading

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Romantic Rust

I wanted a smooth, sparkly red for the base color on this one. Of course, there are tons of delightful reds on the market, but being the franken-troll I am, I decided to make one. Here’s MAC Reflects Rust glitter … Continue reading

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Rusty Feather

I wanted to get a little more autumnal color on today, so here’s something a bit more seasonal and also super easy: This is MAC Reflects Rust glitter and I just mixed it with some clear polish to get the … Continue reading

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Essie Ruby Slippers

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, Essie Ruby Slippers. I know a couple of you gals wanted to see it, so I am happy to oblige. I found this as a dusty in a salon while on summer vacation. I’m … Continue reading

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