Holo All The Things!

I love mixing custom polishes, but sometimes there are just polishes that can’t be duplicated without special pigments. One of these is Spectraflair.

A little Spectraflair background: It’s an automotive pigment made by a Japanese chemical company. It’s basically holo pigment in its most concentrated form. On its own, it has a silvery base that shifts color in the light and shows a fine or coarse rainbow reflection. It is graded by particle size, with a smaller number yielding a smoother finish and a higher number yielding more rainbowy flash with a scattered finish.


I tried to get this stuff forever. It’s made in Japan by a Japanese company, and I used my mad Japanese skills and natural charm to try and get them to hand over a sample/sell me buckets of the stuff. No dice. It was like trying to buy cocaine. (I’m just imagining here, I have never actually attempted to buy cocaine. Ahem.) All very furtive. I managed to snag some, and it was pretty dodgy. I emerged several thousand yen lighter but with all my body parts intact. I felt like the James Bond of the glitter trade.

Still, the rewards were great and sparkly. I mixed all of these with half Spectraflair and half regular nail polish:

Holographic nails

And macarons. Just because they’re a kawaii Japanese favorite, along to go with my hard-won Japanese Spectraflair.


Here’s Spectraflair Size 14 mixed into clear nail polish. Yes, I was having fun pretending to be a nail stylist.😉 You can buy similar colors, like Color Club Halo Hues/ ILNP Mega, etc. without the cloak and dagger drama of having to buy Spectraflair in a dark alley in Tokyo, but this comes with more of a backstory.

Or…you can just buy it online now in 2016. I placed an order there quite a while back, and got some good liquified Spectraflair after exhausting my pigment supply. You will be hard pressed to get your hands on the powder pigment- in fact, it’s near impossible. Most sellers offer it pre-disbursed in a liquid base, which you can just add to nail polish. Some sellers claim to offer Spectraflair in pigment form, but this is likely to be a knockoff Chinese version of it, which is not really up to par. Much like Beverly Hills Poolo Club or Kelvin Klein items one can buy in China, bogus Spectraflair is nowhere near as good as the real thing. And yes, I have actually seen “Poolo Club” items. Other polo-related favorites are U.S. Polo Club, USA Polo Club, Larph Lauren Polo and America Polo. Who knew polo was so beloved in Asia?

Anyway, back to the polish. A little Spectraflair goes a long way, but due to the intensity of the silver in the base, it will lighten up any polish color you mix it with. Deep reds will yield a fuschia or orangey pink, depending on what is in the base color. That’s why you generally see so many holo pastels vs really dark, deep colors. Most very dark nail polishes look similar on, but many of them actually have different undertones which will be revealed when mixed with a powerful lighter color pigment.

Although it’s awesome, DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR SKIN. I personally never apply Spectraflair mixes to my natural nails- it goes on press on nails only so there’s a barrier between my actual skin and the polish. It’s an automotive pigment, folks, so it’s definitely not approved for any kind of cosmetic use. At all.

So while my glitter spy skills were pretty lacking, now you don’t need to speak Japanese and meet people in shady back alleys to get some Spectraflair. If all this is too much trouble, but you still want holographic polish, just grab a bottle of holo silver and tint it with your favorite polish. There’s lots of ways to shine!😉


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Del Sol Swatches Part 2

Earlier this month, I reviewed some Del Sol color changing polishes and I’ve got more coming at you today. These polishes are activated by UV light. Moderate sunlight will be enough to make most of the shades change.They will change back and forth many times, but over time the pigment in the polish seems to degrade and leaves them one color. This is an issue I’ve experienced with all kinds of color-changing polishes, not just Del Sol.

Let’s take a look at the pretty colors:

Better Slate Than Never

Better Slate Than Never started off as a…slate gray and had an outstanding change to a dusty mid-tone purple. It did require 3 solid coats, but was worth if for the vastly different color you get. I did have a brush with a few stray hairs that stuck out in random directions, hence the really messy cuticles. I actually couldn’t see the Slate on my skin when it was in its shady incarnation. It only became super visible when it was purple.

No Anemones Here

No Anemones Here. Hmm, this one wasn’t really my cup of tea but I could see others liking it. It’s a sparse purple and silver microglitter in a clear base. I kept getting baldy spots with no glitter. This is three coats. The base turns to a deeper reddish grape purple. It needs a base coat- I used a grayish leftover franken (non-changing) polish because I thought my universe might explode if I layered two Del Sols over each other. Hmm, I wonder what happens if you mix them? I have yet to find out, but it could be a good rainy day experiment. Or not, since sun is required to see the results.

Del Sol Rose To The Ocassion

Rose To The Occasion is a coral pink that goes to deeper pink. Not a whole lot to say about this one, but it’s great if you can’t get enough pink. Formula was very nice- this is two coats with no topcoat.

PicMonkey Collage

Fields Of Marigold…YASS! This is what I’m talking about. Fall is my favorite season, though, so I’m all about oranges and deep foliage shades. This one turns from a muted pumpkin shade to a Japanese maple leaf reddish brown. Fall all the way!  The formula on this was very good- solid in 2 coats. Wouldn’t it be fun to paint an autumn leaf nail and have the leaves change color? I think I just found my newest fall manicure idea.

Lazy Daisy

Lasy Daizy is a bubblegum pink that changes to a medium tone purple. The formula was pretty good on this one. I used two solid coats and it was opaque, but not very shiny. You can get the gloss with topcoat- even UV blocking topcoat doesn’t seem to stop the color change, but I’d prefer the shades to be glossy without it. What this shade lacks in gloss, it makes up for in dramatic color change.😉

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice. Hmm, why not both? The formula on this one was a bit glunky and I didn’t get even glitter coverage. I recommend layering this one over a silver. It’s a purple and light green large glitter in a clear base that changes to a magenta. This one sort of reminds me of Thanksgiving. The formula is a bit tricky but not unmanageable. I recommend sort of dabbing the glitter on vs vigorous brushing.

VIP. This one pops! It’s a silver holo micro glitter in a clear base that turns to a deep pinky red. I think this must be a standard pigment, since we’ve seen it in a few incarnations, but this one is really dramatic. I did 2 coats over a standard silver base. This is a good one to wow your friends with, since the change is instant and dramatic.


I really enjoyed the Del Sol polishes. I purchased all these, but some were a replacement for shades I had that stopped changing color. The Del Sol folks do stand behind their products, so they were kind enough to offer replacements. Unfortunately, I still have a bunch of dud Ruby Wing polishes, which is Color Club’s take on the color-changing polishes. Advice: use your color-changing polish within a year or so of purchase.  Even if your polishes do stop changing, they are still fine to use. They just won’t be as exciting.

I’m a fall junkie, so Fields of Marigold was my favorite. Naughty or Nice and No Anemones Here were a bit harder to work with due to chunky and sparse glitter respectively, but there were no real bombs in the collection, as far as I tested them.

I do have some Ruby Wings that are newer to show you, if you’re interested in still more color changing polish. Though these types of polishes are more oriented to teens and tweens, I still get a kick out of them. Then again, I enjoyed Hypercolor t-shirts too.😉

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Color Challenge- Pantone 345

Today’s color is a midtone seafoam green with a hint of blue. It’s a bit like a robin’s egg, but a wee bit more green. It’s greener than photographed here. These pastel greens are always problematic for most cameras to capture.


Here’s the colors I used for #345:

Susie NY is actually a Japanese brand, despite the name. Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi has a bit of a grayed-out, dusty quality to it that will keep the final shade from being too bright. #345 is a muted tone, rather than a vivid one, so at least one of the franken colors will have to be muted. The Susie NY and Color Club mix was too dark, so it needed some white, which is where the Alpine Snow came in.  *Note: Although I used OPI for this franken, OPI is no longer cruelty-free as they sold the brand to Coty (tests on animals) several years back. I have lots of pre-Coty OPI, that I am planning to use up, but the brand is no longer cruelty-free.*

I mixed about 2/3 Susie NY with 1/3 Color Club and then added white drop by drop until I got the right shade. It took about 15 drops. Here’s what it looks like all mixed up:


Not too bad, I think. Now that it’s on my nails, it kind of reminds me of vintage Fire King dishware. Like many of these pastel greens, it makes my skin tone look more red. It’s more pronounced in photographs than in real life, though.

This shade was crying out for some art, though. A simple stamp with a geometric design, a quick white tip with pearl, and I was ready to go!


The key to getting this color right was not to use a yellow that was too vibrant. It needed to have a bit of a grayed out quality to it to yield a dusty color. If I had used a brilliant yellow, I would have gotten a leaf green. Cute, but not a good dupe. If you don’t have any of the grayed-out shades, then you can simply add a tiny bit of gray to the color to dull down the vividness of the tones. It will bring it away from the brighter quality and add that vintage feel. If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can go opposite on the color wheel of whatever color you’re mixing, but tread lightly with that as things can get muddy quick!



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What I’ve Been Making, June/July 2016

Hello all, hope those celebrating had a safe and fun 4th of July! I spent mine making a rush bridal order, but got to peep at the NYC fireworks from the roof of my building.

Summer is usually a bit slow for nails, as everyone is having fun at the beach or travelling, so I take the downtime to organize my supplies and do the more simple stuff (painting 50 sets of nails jet black), but it’s still important to do creative things to keep the juices flowing.

Making July 2016


I’ve gotten a lot of requests for stiletto nails, which are not my personal fave, so I’ve been making a lot of those. I’m always worried someone will do something really weird with them, like stick them up their nose, and then try to sue me. I’m looking at you, America! So please don’t eat them, stick them on your babies, play Wolverine with them, or use them as tiny daggers to passively-aggressively irritate your co-workers. It’s nice to be back in the USA, but what people sue for here can be beyond ridiculous. And I do read the details of the cases (McDonald’s hot coffee lady was in the right, I’d say. McD’s wasn’t supposed keep their coffee heated to nuclear meltodwn temperatures and did so after repeated incidences). Wear all NTMG stuff at your own risk! That includes blinding passers-by with glitter.😉

I’ve been having a 3D bling moment- I mean, more so than usual:















I made all these today. I have some ultra gooey gel from Japan that will stick anything onto nails. I do use epoxy and superbond-type glue, but there’s nothing like a sticky pile of gel to get all those 3D baubles on. I’m thinking that oval nails will be coming back in, from the looks of my Japanese nail art magazines, but I’ll keep adding some stiletto/coffin looks, since that seems to be popular. Japanese nail art has been getting more tame, so it’s up to me to keep the 3d nails going on until it gets crazy again. The nail art pendulum swings slowly…but swing it does.

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Del Sol Swatches and Finally On Instagram!

I’m back in the studio finally after spending a wonderful couple weeks in Mexico. It was my first trip, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. The weather was not great- lots of rain and clouds, but the scuba diving was nice, and oh…WHAAALE SHARRRK! Saw just one juvenile, but any whale shark day is a wonderful day!

Since summer is in full swing, it’s time to show some fun UV activated polishes that change color when exposed to direct sunlight. These are from a company called Del Sol. They sell polishes in well-touristed tropical areas like Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, Cozumel in Mexico, etc. as well as online.

I had a bunch of Del Sol polishes that stopped changing color. They still looked good, but would not change color even under a UV lamp. I learned that this is a common problem with UV-reactive polishes as well as thermals (the kind that changes color according to temperature.) After some time, the pigments just break down and no more color changes happen. It’s not unique to Del Sol, but their customer service was fantastic. I contacted them, and they promptly sent me replacements. I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but when I get great customer service, I like to let everyone know about it.

Here’s a few swatches to get the party started, no topcoat:

After Party






After Party- this was a dense purple microglitter that offered full coverage in about 3 coats. It changed to a lovely fuschia with a smooth finish.

Thistle The Day Away







Thistle The Day Away- a baby blue pastel that was a bit on the streaky side. It took three solid coats to get this one even, but the superfast and dramatic color change to a cool-toned medium pink made it totally worth it.

Don't Be Jaded







Don’t Be Jaded- this one had a nice glossy finish with full coverage in 2 coats. It dried really shiny and produced a color change to a nice blue-tinged forest green.

Don't Be Jealous






Don’t Be Jealous- this is a frosted baby blue that changes to a pale frosted green. The color change is not so dramatic on this one, but it was still a noticeable change. This one was good in 2 coats but polish carefully since it shows some brush strokes, as many frosts do. It wasn’t too bad, but they do happen with this finish.

Freesia Mind






Freesia Mind- whoa, this one had an incredible color change. It starts off as a pale yellow frost that actually doesn’t show bad brush strokes, possibly because the color is so light. It goes straight to a medium-toned frosted rose pink. It did take 3 coats for coverage on the yellow, but worth it for this color-changey magic.

Now You See It






Now You See It- this started off as a streaky neutral pink that took three coats to get even, but the change was eye-popping to a lovely dark wine purple. This one shifted really fast- almost instantaneously. This one was entertaining, as I kept sticking my hand in the sun and the shade and watching it change. Simple things, right?

Del Sol is cruelty-free (as is everything featured on this blog!) and can be purchased here. They frequently have sales and specials, so it might be worth checking from time to time if you’re planning on ordering a few bottles. I have had noting but really good experiences with them and I’m impressed by how they stand behind their products.

Also, I’m *finally* Instagramming! Check me out on IG at @nevertoomuchglitternailart to see some more behinds the scenes shots and more Day In The Life of a Glitter Addict.😉 The account could use a few more followers, so please don’t be shy.


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Diving My Blues Away

Well, I’m really not that blue, but New York City has left me frayed around the edges.  One of my favorite things to do (besides putting glitter on stuff) is to scuba dive.

Here’s what I’ve been up to down in Mexico- some cavern dives, some technical dive training and some relaxing time in the Carribean.

Vehicle license plates here feature my all-time favorite animal, the wonderful whale shark! We haven’t seen any this trip, but I still have a couple more days left, so fingers crossed. We did see some magnificent mantas,which was great. But for me, nothing tops the whale shark.

I’ll be back in my usual place sticking glitter on things from the end of this week. I have a feeling there will be a lot of aquatic critters creeping into my nail art in the near future.

image image

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Color Challenge- Pantone Cactus Flower

Last post for a while before I’m off to Mexico. While I’m there, I’m hoping I will see some gray Whale Sharks, azure skies and turquoise water than Cactus Flower, but here goes:

This color is a neutral fuchsia (it took me three tries to spell that correctly) that reminds me of rhododendron bushes. Whoa, I’m only one sentence into this post and I’ve got two spelling bee words already.


It’s a cheery color, the younger sister to a vampy burgundy. All this needs is some white and burgundy, and we’re ready to go. The trick will be finding a burgundy which is neutral, and not too warm or cool. A warm burgundy + white will yield a sort of blush pink, and a cool toned burgundy + white will yield a more outright purple shade. With very dark shades, you can’t always see the base color. Adding a lighter shade will reveal what colors are lurking within, though just mix a tiny bit to avoid wasting polish.

I experimented with a few burgundies, but Color Club Style Icon ultimately turned out to be the winner. The others were too warm or too cool to make Cactus Flower correctly  on their own (without adding other colors to balance it out).


Color Club Style icon is a neutral deep burgundy which looks pretty fab on its own, but tends towards looking a bit goth. No complaints here, but I know most folks want to go brighter and lighter for summer. The white is my cheap ‘n cheerful Wet ‘N Wild, which goes for about 99 cents at most US drugstores. It’s a cruelty-free mass market brand that works very well in frankens. A good starter polish for experimenting.:)

As you can see, it took just a little bit of Style Icon in a sea of white to make Cactus Flower. It’s about 1 drop Style Icon to 12 drops white. When you’re mixing very dark and very light colors, I recommend adding the dark shade drop by drop to the light shade instead of the other way around. It gives more control over the final color. If you go the other way around, you may wind up mixing up a very large batch of color as you try to lighten the shade with tons of white.

I think it’s a pretty good match, no?


I was tempted to make this into a raspberry manicure, as it reminds me a bit of fake raspberries- you know, in “raspberry swirl” ice cream or desserts. I knew I’d be obsessively painting the little crevices and tiny raspberry fuzzies, though, and I didn’t have time today, so I left it as is.

This is a question I’ve pondered before, but what the heck is “blue raspberry” supposed to be? It doesn’t actually taste like any kind of actual fruit, and it’s blue. Did food manufacturers just make it up to get some blue foods into kids’ diets? Why blue raspberry and not blue banana or something? Any food scientists out there to answer these burning questions?😉

See you guys mid-June after I finish up my Mexican Adventure!

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