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Glittering Ginko Leaf

I’ve been painting nails all day but I wanted to show a franken to everyone! Thanks for all your emails- I am still alive and well, just getting ready for the big show I’m doing in three weeks. My nails … Continue reading

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Liquid Sunshine

It’s been raining endlessly in Japan, so here’s a glittery canary yellow to lift my spirits a little: I made this one with some yellow eyeshadow (MAC Chrome Yellow- what on earth was I thinking?!) in a base of white pearl … Continue reading

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I made this yellow shimmer out of some eyeshadow that I never used. I’m not sure what possessed me to buy yellow eyeshadow, but it found new life when added to a white shimmer polish base. The yellow combined with … Continue reading

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Fruit Salad

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days-  cough, fever, achy body and generally just shuffling around miserable. I think I’ll spend the weekend in with a hot cup of tea. I decided on a cheery fruit theme for … Continue reading

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Deviled Eggs

Another food inspiration…I guess I must be hungry! For my international readers who may not know what a deviled egg is, here’s a photo: Image: Recipe Weekly-Dominica. I used OPI Need Sunglasses?, a medium creme yellow, and Color Club What … Continue reading

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Xtreme Yellow

This color is loud, to put it mildly. It was a gray day today, and supposed to be gray for a while, so I decided bright polish was the way to go. My beef with yellows is that they’re usually … Continue reading

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Banana Creme

I was going to call this one Hardboiled, because the color is just a wee bit closer to a hardboiled egg yolk, but I then I wanted to draw black dots on it like an actual banana…but anyway. Make a … Continue reading

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