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Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 Part 3

One more installment of the Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Award 2013. The theme is “Fresh Flesh.” Click to enlarge. These kind of remind me of a Victorian funeral, especially with the lilies and the x on the eyes in … Continue reading

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Salad Days

I’ve been thinking about food lately…especially vegetables and salads. Here in Japan salads usually consist of a thick layer of shredded cabbage, topped with a few sad pieces of iceberg lettuce. Then again, eating vegetables raw is not really a … Continue reading

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Dragon Wings, Castles and Wedding Dresses

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been trying to make a black jelly glitter and I’ve hit a big wall of Fail.  The black base has to be transparent enough for the glitter to show, but so far, … Continue reading

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Japanese Nail Art 9

Here’s another collection of everyone’s favorite wacky nail art from Japan! Generally, nails have been getting shorter and less blingy as the economy has worsened.  Not sure if it’s a real correlation or not, but those blingy manicures cost well … Continue reading

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