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Another Eyeshadow Turns Into Nail Polish

As I pack up my life of the last 5+ years, I keep finding weird things I’ve bought and never used. I have tried to be more conscious of this and really only buy what I need, but sometimes I … Continue reading

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Girly Overdose Pink

Well, the scary stuff isn’t ending with the Kit Kats…this weekend, I made a color that was pretty overwhelming in its girliness- bright Barbie pink with metallic baby  pink glitter: This one was very easy- 2 parts creme white to … Continue reading

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Pinked Mauve

Pink eyeshadow.  I can’t wear it without looking sick.  In fact, I can’t really imagine this shade looking good on anyone: It’s MAC Pinked Mauve and it came in one of those holiday sets  with the mini-pigments (maybe from 2008?). … Continue reading

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Easter Dress Pink

This is not a fall color at all, let’s say this one is for the gals down under!  I had a frilly Easter dress when I was a kid that was exactly this color. I’m always on the lookout for a good, safe … Continue reading

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Hot Glitter Mess

Sometimes frankens go bad. In this case, I added glitter that was a little too large in a base that was too opaque, so I got clumping.  The larger the glitter, the harder it is to work with. I used … Continue reading

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Rose Mallow

The rose mallow is a flower in a sort of dusty pink shade, just like my nails.  Of course the real thing doesn’t have any glitter, but the color needed a little something. This is a shade with just a … Continue reading

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Icing Pink

First of all, let me apologize for the awful cuticles.  I was in a huge hurry when I did this manicure! Luckily, I have a secret weapon: Q-Tips filled with nail polish remover. They snap open and the polish remover … Continue reading

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