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Orange Meh

I’m now healed up from my mangosteen injury so that polish remover in the cut won’t send me into a fit of howling pain. I don’t think it’ll leave a scar, but the mangosteen definitely won that round. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Golden Opportunity + Sexy Silhoutte

Hmm, I couldn’t think up a good name for this franken. So, I just decided to go with the obvious. Both colors, Golden Opportunity and Sexy Silhoutte, are from China Glaze. The SS is a nice mid-tone fuschia with a … Continue reading

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Ginza Orange

The Ginza Line is one of the oldest in Tokyo and is pretty close to the surface, which is a reasuuring idea in the event of an earthquake. It’s also one of the most crowded lines in Tokyo. I ride … Continue reading

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Orange Fizz

Well, here’s my second attempt at orange holo.  I think it worked out better than my first attempt.  I used the same base color as yesterday, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Pink Rose Diamond.  Instead of layering orange on top, I … Continue reading

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Sunset Orange

I wanted to make a holo orange, since I don’t own one.  I believe there is one- OPI DS Treasure, but I don’t really think I’d wear orange holo enough to make a whole bottle worthwhile. First, I tried mixing … Continue reading

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Carmen Miranda

Here’s a little gradation to whet your appetite for the gradation tutorial I’m going to do soon. It’s a red to  jelly orange gradation. Please excuse the stains and paint on my hands. Gradations are lots of fun when they … Continue reading

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Diving Girl Orange

I’m fond of vintage advertising and old ephemera- like bits of antique wrapping paper or old postcards.  I put some old fruit-crate label stickers in my kitchen, and I was inspired to make a franken by the mysteriously named “Diving … Continue reading

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