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Daily Dose of Inspiration- Turkish Trivet

I’m settled into American life- still waiting for my ship to come in (literally!) with my last few supplies, but mostly got everything I need: glitter, rhinestones and a few hundred nail polishes. To be honest, I’m not really feeling … Continue reading

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China Glaze Paper Chasing Frankens

With my nail polish stash numbering in the 4 figures (even Mr. NTMG doesn’t know exactly how many there are…mwa ha ha), I’ve been sorting through and culling the stash a bit. I find I rarely use sheer polishes, except … Continue reading

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Woohoo! Book Sneak Peek!

I’ve contributed some nail art to a couple recent books- one is just going to press now and will be published at the end of the month. It’s with a German company, so the first version is in German. English … Continue reading

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Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten some requests for some snowflake nail art. First up, let me show you a nice blue franken which goes nicely with a snowy nail art theme. Oops, I forgot to show you the base color without … Continue reading

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Pop Art Nails

A rare double post! Life really ground to a halt over the last week and a half. My office was shut down, so I worked from home and it actually drove me a little batty. I’m not sure how much … Continue reading

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Dia De Los Muertos Manicure

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Halloween with tasty candy, not granola bars or boxes of raisins.  Ugh! I always hated getting those. My favorites were Peppermint Patties, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and Twix bars. Unfortunately, there is … Continue reading

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Necklace-Inspired Mani

Whew! While it’s always cool to go on a trip overseas, there’s always so much to do after returning home!I think I’m mostly caught up on work and such but I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something. Due to super … Continue reading

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