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Matte Marschino Cherry

I know the matte look has come and gone, but for someone who changes polish as much as I do, I enjoy a change in textures and looks. This one looks deceptively simple, but it was just perfect for an … Continue reading

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Pigment Tutorial Part 2

This time, I’m going to show you how to fix an overly sheer polish, the power of fuschia pigment, how clumsy I am, and the ugliest baby-poop green polish ever. Yes, we have much to learn in this pigment tutorial. … Continue reading

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Champagne Glitter

I had a bunch of silver laying around, but it’s a little too wintry for these fall days. I also didn’t really feel like it was time yet for pure gold metallic, either. So I decided to make a color … Continue reading

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Peep Yellow

Bright yellow is more of a summer color, but it was pretty warm here in Tokyo today, so I decided to make some yellow. These nails are like those marshmallow Peeps that you can buy around Easter time. I saw … Continue reading

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Big-League Chew Purple

When I was a kid, there was this shredded bubble gum called Big League Chew which came in a foil pouch. My favorite was the grape. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t in the target audience, being a totally non-athletic … Continue reading

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Calamine Lotion Pink

Well, to go with my Poison Sumac Orange, here’s Calamine Lotion pink. Normally, I’m not really a light pink fan. It’s too cute and it doesn’t really work with my skin color. But this is a slightly grayed-out pink with … Continue reading

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Poison Sumac Orange

Well, the name’s a little crazy, but these nails remind me of the orange poison sumac bushes in New England. Luckily these nails won’t make you itch. Take a medium neutral red and the most opaque bright yellow you can … Continue reading

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Shimmery Sage

This sage green is the result of a neutral light yellow (like butter) mixed with a medium blue (like smurf blue) and pearl pigment. The pearl pigment will lighten the polish color quite a bit to make a sage green. … Continue reading

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Fuscia with Silver Microglitter

Another pretty simple one. I mixed a darkish neutral medium pink (think of a petunia), flat white pigment and added some navy creme to it drop by drop until I got a color that blurred the line between pink and … Continue reading

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