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Color Challenge- Pantone 3278

What color is today? It’s a mid-tone green that reminds me a bit of Girl Scout uniforms, but leaning a bit more teal than those. Speaking of Girl Scouts, their Thin Mints have changed formulas. Though they became vegan (yay!), … Continue reading

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Little Things That Make Me Happy, Part 1

I am a pretty simple person at heart. I don’t need a lot of entertainment or stuff, though I do spend a lot of time and money on travelling. It’s usually little things that make me happy. Here’s one: Almost … Continue reading

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We Interrupt The Subway Service For Dessert

As you guys know, I’ve been mixing colors inspired by the Tokyo Subway map, but I have to interrupt myself to show you something very cool: a foiled Konadicure with a homemade cupcake ornament. Lovely Brooke from Getcha Nails Did … Continue reading

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Orange Spider

Here’s a nicer Halloween mani! This is Essie Lifesaver, a sheer and frustrating mid-tone orange shimmer, with some burnt orange craft microglitter. The Essie is crummy as a regular polish- four coats and I still had visible nail line- but … Continue reading

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Funky Scarf

I’ve been really digging the greens recently for some reason. This is two coats of OPI Hey! Get in Lime!, which is a strange name for the color, since there is no hint of lime in it whatsoever. It’s more … Continue reading

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Marmalade Glitter

I’ve been making a lot of glitters lately. (Surprise!) Although I’m a glitter troll, it has to be a very specific kind of glitter. I’m not crazy about rough glitter and I generally prefer smooth to chunky. My favorite is … Continue reading

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TINS- The Sweet Beast

Here’s another TiNS by request. The color is sort of like glittering hard-boiled egg yolk, a sort of dusty yellow- but not dark enough to be mustard yellow. It’s called The Sweet Beast. This one is a hard color to … Continue reading

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