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Brown Brocade

Whew..my nails are a mess, my house is a mess, and I’m actually dreaming about nail polish.  Here’s a franken from a while back, since my nails are in no condition to be shown to the world right now! With the polish removal … Continue reading

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Holographic Jewel Tones

Sometimes I find color combinations that are really exciting, easy to do, and versatile. I franken colors sometimes out of 5+ colors, but things tend to get muddy. But what I found today can be done in as little as … Continue reading

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Chanel Haute Chocolat Franken

This is my so-so attempt at frankening Chanel Haute Chocolat. I’m not a huge Chanel fan. It’s very big in Japan, but  it’s even more expensive here than in the US- like $35 US in Tokyo. It’s luxurious and glamourous, … Continue reading

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Radiant Rust

This is a cool color. Unfortunately, it looks a bit icky on my ghostly white hands. This is a neon rust with copper sparkles, and it will look great on all you non-zombies. I mixed a medium green shimmer polish … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Red

Well, though I’ve been loving the Halloween nail art, I had to get a little more professional today. I’ve been doing a lot of reds and oranges, but they’re going perfectly with the Japanese autumn. The leaves have just started … Continue reading

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Halloween Jack O Lantern Nail Art

I love Halloween and I just can’t get enough spooky nail art. Today, I frankened a light orange shimmer (yellow+ medium pink + pearl shimmer) with black tips. A typical Halloween orange and black manicure. Ho hum… But wait! Jack … Continue reading

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Sparkling Caramel

It’s the season for autumn fairs and candy apples! Today’s nails are the color of caramel and have the tiniest hint of shimmer. They made me feel hungry all day. I sure do wish I could get my hands on … Continue reading

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A Supereasy Fall Franken- Mellowcreme Orange

I just came back from a trip to America, where all manner of Halloween candy was out, waiting to ambush my plans to eat healthier. I love those candy corns with the pumpkins- I think they’re called “Brach’s Mellowcremes” or … Continue reading

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Swiss Miss Brown

This color is exactly the color of Swiss Miss Cocoa mix. A medium brown with the tiniest purple tinge, it was hard to capture. This one was made with the same green of Aquafresh Glitter (see previous post) and a … Continue reading

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Eeyore Gray

It’s sort of a moldy color- medium gray with the tiniest hint of green. It reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I always liked him a lot better than the other characters. I love colors with a gray … Continue reading

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