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Happy Deepavali! (Hindu Festival of Lights)

Though I’m not Indian, I have a deep appreciation of sparkles, just like the good folks of India. They like sparkly things almost as much as I do, which is saying a lot! I collect Indian textiles and decor items … Continue reading

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2012- Nail Art Contest Part 2

Without further ado, more nail entries for the art contest at the Tokyo Nail Expo 2012. Disco rap pandas? Love the teeny sunglasses and gold chains.   A very vibrant set of nails featuring: Ameyokocho in Ueno; Shibuya, the ever-present … Continue reading

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Japanese Nail Art 8

Another edition of the weird and wonderful nail art that Japan brings to the world! Nails seem to be getting shorter, I’ve been seeing fewer and fewer of the killer talons. Still some interesting stuff, like felt and lace, as … Continue reading

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More Japanese Nail Art Pics!

Bridal Nails to match your wedding kimono, Studio Rei Rose, Tokyo   Out of season, but I couldn’t resist.   ??? Happy Together- I guess this is Christmas?   Not only ice cream, donuts,  cookies and a panda?   Rawr! … Continue reading

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