A Gentle Reminder About Picture Reposting

Hello everyone! I love it when you like, share and reblog my nail art. But lately, I’ve been finding people have been downloading my photos, cropping them to edit out my watermark, and then re-posting them. This means that nobody knows the original source of the picture. Boo! I spend a lot of time making nails, photographing them and editing, so it’s not cool to remove the watermark. I have tried to keep the watermark small and unobtrusive, but I will unfortunately have make it more prominent.

While I realize this is not all that big of a deal and may be done without any malice, there is another brand of people out there who are also people using my photos as their own and even adding their OWN watermarks to my work.

The rottenest people of all are those who are “SELLING” my work-i.e., they just steal my photo, post it on Ebay and offer it as a photo of an item for sale. Of course they don’t have the actual nails I made nor the ability to make them, so the customers get nothing. It really bugs me to know my work is getting used in a scam. People buy the nails based on the stolen photos, get cheated, then my good glittery name gets smeared by association. :(

So, folks,  if you enjoy sharing photos, please don’t crop out watermarks and try (I do know in some cases it’s just not possible) to attribute the original source. It does make a difference to those of us who create art for everyone to enjoy. And please let me know if you see my work being ripped off anywhere or offered for sale, I do sell on Etsy, but not anywhere else, so if you see my work on Ebay, etc. it’s phony. Thank you all very much! <3

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Sunny’s Body Products Miracle Balm and Sugar Scrub Review

All right- time to sneak in one more post during the month of January!

I’m pretty hard on my hands and nails, being that I work with a lot of polish, gel and acetone in my line of work. I’m always on the lookout for things that will be kind and replenish my poor dried out fingers and toes. I’ve used LUSH Lemony Flutter for a while and liked it, but was ready for something new. I’m also a scent junkie so I wanted to try something with a new smell.

Enter Sunny’s Body Products. (Just a note: I do not get paid for reviews in any way and buy the products myself. I just enjoy sharing cruelty-free/indie options whenever I can!)

Most of my purchases were samples so I could try a bunch of different scents- there are dozens to choose from!

First up is Sunny’s Miracle Balm.

Miracle Balm













I got samples in Hyacinth, Pikake Flower and Aloha scents. Scents are intensely personal, and what smells good to one person will not necessarily appeal to another. But the scents are nice- not overpowering, but enough so you can get a whiff for a while after application.  The Aloha scent smells a bit like a Pina Colada mix. The Pikake Flower is a pretty tropical floral but not super true to the actual flower (but bear in mind I am a snob since I’m lucky enough to have a bunch of pikake trees right outside my window). Sorry, freezing people of the world! I didn’t mean to rub that in. ;)

But the real standout for me is the Hyacinth. It actually smells like a real honest to goodness hyacinth, which is one of my all-time favorite scents. It always reminds me that spring is around the corner. This balm got it just right.

Scents aside, all the Miracle Balms perform really nicely. They are waxy and thick and feel a bit gritty in the tub but are smooth on. I use them on my cuticles at bedtime and wake up with happy hands. All the scents I tried sink in quickly, if you would rather use them during the day. A little goes a long way- I’ve hardly made a dent in the sample size even after a couple weeks. The ingredients in all appear to be the same: Shea Butter, Beeswax (so it’s not strictly vegan), Candelilla Wax, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Garlic (?!), Biotin, Fragrance Oil.

All in all, a nice product for those hardworking hands and priced very competitively against my previous standby, LUSH Lemony Flutter. I’d love to see this in a vegan option without the beeswax, but almost all cuticle balm type products do contain it, including LUSH’s.

Luckily, for our strict vegan buddies, there’s a nice Hand Sugar scrub product in the line which will give you some beeswax-free moisturization.











I got the Sugar Scrub in Oak Barrel Cider (maybe I was feeling nostalgic for New England?). Nice woodsy cider smell. Yum. It’s a sugary gritty scrub but it is super-saturated with oils so it left me greasy even after washing. I personally am not fond of that oil slick feeling, but I found that if I massaged the leftover oil into my forearms, it soaked in much more easily. I recommend using this right before bed, maybe during a nighttime shower or bath, then massaging in the leftover oil onto any dry parts. I did wake up with lovely soft hands the next morning after using this at night. With daytime use, you may risk leaving greasy fingerprints around for a while.  It’s not as convenient as the Miracle Balm, but is a nice option for vegans who want smoother hands or feets. Just be careful if you use it on your feet since you/tub/shower will become super slippery. If you have marble floors like I do, you can even make your own ice skating rink!  Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Purified Water, Soy Bean Protein, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil (twice), Grapefruit Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil.

I enjoyed these products, especially since they can be made in such an extensive variety of scents. For me, delicious-smelling products make me much more likely to use them.  In my ongoing quest to buy less, I’ve been really trying to use up products I have before moving onto the next thing. Like many of us out there, I buy stuff, use it for week, and then forget about all it. With these sample packs, you can try out a bunch of goodies and flavors instead of getting stuck with something you may not like. And you’ll smell good. Win-win! :)

Sunny’s products can be found here, if anyone would like to check them out. If you’re an indie company who has cruelty-free (vegan if possible) products, I’m always interested in hearing from you!

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What Goes On?

It’s January, and I have been pretty good with keeping up with my resolutions except the one to blog more! Oh, and the one to stop eating cookies. I’ve cut way down on the sugar but I like a cup of tea (no sweetener!) and a cookie in the morning. The tasty food of Asia is very hard on the waistline. I’ll miss it when I’m gone!

I’m also back on Twitter @gothicnailart and I promise to update more. The Twitter  and my newer site focuses more on my darker work, since I’ve got the blog, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook to show my non-gothic items. It got away from me and I’m not good at tweeting, but I will be better about it. I’ve gotten a few new followers, which was very encouraging and made me get my butt in gear.

I’v been doing a lot of organizing lately. My nail polish stash and supplies can easily get out of hand, since I’ve got so much! I have some things I don’t use a lot, and some nail polish that’s just been hanging around forever, so I’ve culled some of the collection. I think I just may be a nail goodies hoarder- it was hard to get rid of stuff, even if I  *knew* I wasn’t going to use it and it would cost more than it was worth to ship back when the time comes. Do I need an intervention? ;)

Here’s my current stash of nail polish I use on a daily basis. This is about 1/3 of my full stash. I separate the polishes by color, since that allows me to find what I’m looking for most efficiently.


I’ve gotten some new nail stamping plate holders instead of just stacking them in piles. I do have a trick for MoYou plates, if anyone has any: use a Ferraro Rocher chocolate box. They’re the perfect size to hold the plates, plus you have an excuse to eat chocolate. :)

Nail-wise, I’ve been up to a strange mix of cute and dark, which I guess happens a lot, now that I think of it. Click to see it bigger.

NeverTooMuchGlitter January 2015

In other nail art news, the results of the Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Award Contest are in! The theme was “Adult Punk.” Here’s the winner. At least it wasn’t hearts n flowers. It’s really good work, and the spiky collar is vaguely punk, but I’m not sure about the motorcycle. But hey, bulldogs! On a tiny motorcycle!

Displaying IMG_1258.JPG

That’s all the news for now- I’ve got some fun indie polishes to show soon, as well as a couple new glitter frankens on deck.

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Goodbye 2014!

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. 2014 has drawn to a close. This year was pretty good for me, as I got in some international travel to Myanmar, Indonesia, the Maldives, Japan and Cambodia. Travel is (almost) always something I enjoy, and it’s my main hobby besides glitter.

This year was a kind of…quiet…year. I joined a gym and started exercising, which was a big change for me. I was beginning to get some serious back and neck aches from being stooped over and painting, so I started exercising to try and get some more strength and better posture. So far, so good.

As far as nails went…it was kind of slow. I haven’t done much work I really loved this year. I find being out of Japan has really put a damper on my creative spirit. I find a lot of inspiration locally in Indian design, though. Mostly by applying ridiculous amounts of rhinestones onto nails. ;)

But creatively, it’s been a kind of meh. I don’t want to insult any local folks and the following is totally just my opinion, but I find the creative energy in Singapore is somewhat lacking. There’s just not a lot of artsy stuff going on here. I mean, there’s a couple boutique-type streets with way overpriced hipster tat ($400 messenger bags, anyone?) but art is not a big part of daily life here. As a”kiasu” kind of place, Singapore seems to be about making money and one-upping the people around you by having the most material goods. High-end shopping is a national hobby. Get a Rolex watch, a brown Louis Vuitton bag, and a Mercedes if you can afford it. Those are the things to aspire to.

Needless to say, as a gal who has a dollar-store bag and a flea market watch, I am not down with this. I’m happy with my simple band of gold wedding ring, ancient Nokia phone and flip-flops. To be fair, I have met some lovely people here, but the kiasu/brand zombie thing drives me crazy. All these things sort of combine to put a damper on my creative spark, somehow. I find I do much better work when I’m happy, relaxed, and have creative people around me. But I’m going to keep at it and try to work through the artistic doldrums. Luckily, I do recharge my batteries through travel, and living here makes a great base to visit Southeast Asia. So there’s a counterpoint to the negative stuff. :)

All right, enough rambling! I know most of you guys are here to see pretty nails, not read my crazed musings, right? I’m staying in with Mr. NTMG tonight, but that’s no excuse not to have blingy nails for New Year’s Eve!



Wishing everybody a very healthy and happy start to 2015! May your year be filled with glitter and joy. :D

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Merry Christmas 2014!

A very merry Christmas to all those who are celebrating!

Here’s some nail art for the day (click to enlarge):

Nail Art Holiday 2014

Hope everyone is having a joyous, peaceful day with your loved ones. I’m off to Cambodia for a little holiday adventure, but I’ll see you when I get back!

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2014 Art Tip Award Roundup

Howdy, everyone. I’m currently down and out with what I think is the flu (gross question: can flu include vomiting on top of respiratory symptoms/fever/chills/fatigue/body ache?) which is a bummer but has allowed me to do a few critical things: look through my junk drawer and find a missing camera memory card and sort through my hundreds of Nail Expo photos. Plus I had time to make some photo collages, otherwise this post would have been  unbelievably long.

It’s been a December to remember…came home to plumbing that decided to start leaking while we were out of town, broke my poor iPad while knocking it off a shelf, then getting the flu. No Christmas tree this year, I’ve been too laid up to do any decorating. :(

Anyway, back to the nail art! The Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Award features 5 nails that are pre-made before the contest by various artists. The theme this year was “Otona Punk,” which can be translated as “Grown Up Punk.”

I’m not going to mince words. I am totally disgusted with most of the entries. Some were more skilled than others, but many of the contestants just totally disregarded the theme and did butterfly nails. Or flowers. Or geishas. Or…whatever they wanted, which, on reflection, is kind of punk. But I’m pretty sure that wasn’t part of the rationale.  Hearts and flowers are pretty, but I’m so tired of artists relying on that and using them *whatever* the theme may be. If it was up to me, it’d be an immediate disqualification.

Here’s a montage of some not very punk nails entered in the competition. Click to enlarge. I’m really not sure exactly what was going on when some of these were made! Though some of them are very nice work, Hearts.And.Flowers.Are.Not.Punk.

This Is Not Punk 2


This Is Not Punk 1

Then, we sort of had an interpretation of punk that seemed to be Punk= Gothic/Halloween. Not exactly, but at least a little closer than butterflies, flowers or geisha.

Halloween Is Not Punk

At least there was some effort, even if it looks more like Halloween.

And some things just got bizarre, like adorable kittens, leopards and flamingoes. But at least there was some plaid in there.


And this one. At least it has a Union Jack and some chains to offset the giant neon flowers?


And while punk is on my mind and it’s December 20, check out Billy Idol singing “White Christmas.” Yes, Billy Idol did a straight-up album of holiday tunes. How weird is that? And I like it! His version of “Frosty The Snowman” is the only one I can handle. However, even Billy Idol can’t save my all-time unfavorite Christmas song, Santa Baby. I heard a Chinese version here. It was even more unbearable than English.

I will try to get some holiday looks up but as of now, I’m so achy I can hardly even sit up, let alone paint nails.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful end to 2014, whatever you might be celebrating, and looking forward to more wacky nail wonder in 2015!

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Tokyo Nail Expo Part 1

Hi guys, I do apologize for the delays in getting this up! I’m away for home until next Tuesday and my iPad is not playing nicely with my camera, so I can’t show all the photos I wanted to. But I’ve got a few pics and review of the Tokyo Nail Expo 2014 to show now. Sorry in advance for typos and weird formatting- trying to do this on iPad and wonky stuff usually happens.

First of all, it was a frenzy as usual. This year, I didn’t see Zoya or a lot of Western brands represented. There was a tiny China Glaze/Seche booth there, but not much in the way of New or upcoming collections. As usual, it was very heavy on the gels. Lots of companies, especially from other Asian markets like Korea. I do use gels, but have a few brands I stick with and know are cruelty-free, so I did not partake in that. I did get a lot of cool decoration stuff, like stickers, studs and rhinestones galore, though.



It’s just as well I didn’t go crazy with the polish, since I found out that the Japan Post now bans nail polish shipment even by ship. I tried to send a box of it and got a serious lecture that nail polish could cause an explosion and sink the ship, accompanied by the shame-inducing side eye that only post office staff can do. I desperately wanted to ask exactly how nail polish gets distributed around the world if there’s all these freighters blowing up, but wisely kept my mouth shut. Don’t mess with any post office staff who has tasked themselves with saving the world.

Now, onto my favorite part: the Nail Tip Art Award! Artists get a theme to work with and make 5 nails in any style, length and design they choose. The nails are made in advance and then displayed during the Expo. The attendees vote on the winner by individual ballot. This year’s theme was “Otona Punk,” which literally translates to “Adult Punk.” I think a better translation to capture the theme would be “Grown Up Punk.”

No matter what you call it, some artists faithfully went with the theme and others just pulled out the old standby of flowers and butterflies. Technically, I guess ignoring the rules regarding the theme would be punk in and of itself though. ;)

In the past couple years, I have been very disappointed with the artists who don’t bother with the theme. It’s pointless. I think those nails should be totally disqualified. It’s not the Hearts And Flowers contests, it’s punk, I wanted to scream after seeing the fifth kawaii floral entry. It’s  the default of Japanese artists. This is a problem that plagues a lot of nail art contests, but it’s particularly bad in Japan.

OK. Rant over. Putting aside the folks who paint flowers on everything no matter what (boo!), a lot of people apparently kind of figured punk was a cross between Halloween and the Wild West.

Checking out the Nail Tip Art Award contenders.

Checking out the Nail Tip Art Award contenders.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Not. Even. Close. Is there a connection between punk and butterflies that I'm missing? If so, tell me.

Not. Even. Close. Is there a connection between punk and butterflies that I’m missing? If so, tell me.

A geisha with a Mohawk made out of a fake eyelash. Awesome. Not sure what the clown is doing there, but why not?

A geisha with a Mohawk made out of a fake eyelash. Awesome. Not sure what the clown is doing, but hey.

Spider webs, zombies..hmm. A little heavy on the Halloween side but still has some spikes and watch gears. Hallowpunkoween?

Spider webs, zombies..hmm. A little heavy on the Halloween side but still has some spikes and watch gears. Hallowpunkoween? 

Pastel teddy bears are generally the first image in my mind when I think of punk. Lots going on here, maybe there's a little punk in there somewhere.

Pastel teddy bears are generally the first image in my mind when I think of punk. Lots going on here, but at least there’s some plaid and a tiny rockin guitar.  I guess that cancels out the flowers.

Aargh! BUTTERFLIES. Gorgeous work, but why? Stretch your imagination and do a nail without florals, butterflies or hearts. I dare you.

Aargh! BUTTERFLIES. Gorgeous work, but why? Stretch your imagination and do a nail without florals, butterflies or hearts. I dare you.

Spikes n chains, getting closer!

Spikes n chains, getting closer! But they still added a flower. I think it’s a form of OCD. There MUST be a flower on every manicure.

Yes! Famous folks I. Punk, amazing artwork...these are some of the best in show. And not a kawaii butterfly in sight!

Yes! Famous folks in Punk, amazing artwork including a tiny hand painted Sex Pistols album…these are some of the best in show. And not a kawaii butterfly in sight!

There’s a peek at a few selected entries for now, will come through with more over the next week!

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