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Today’s color is a stormy blue gray. It’s made of China Glaze Shower Together, a dirty teal creme, a few drops of silver, and a drop of white. If it’s stormy, you need an umbrella! The rhinestones are little raindrops.

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Old Eraser

Unfortunately, Monday always comes, which means going back to work and¬†less fun nails. Today’s color is similar to an old eraser- you know, the kind that doesn’t actually erase anything and leaves black streaks everywhere, not the good light pink … Continue reading

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Creamy Apricot

Here’s a nice springy color for today, a soft but opaque¬†apricot. I like yellow and orange a lot, but they can look really garish and Halloweeny with my pale hands. This one was really easy to make- I used one … Continue reading

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RBL Concrete Jungle Franken

I got a request to franken Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle, a cool gray creme. Nice color, something a little different for sure. RBL seems to be a nice high-quality brand with some funky colors. But it’s pricey at $18 … Continue reading

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Decadent Moon Over Mumbai

I got OPI Moon Over Mumbai, a light pigeon gray with silver microshimmer. It’s not a creme but looks like it, except in bright light. It’s a cool color, but on my ghostly white hands, it makes my nails look … Continue reading

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Art Deco Lavender Speckle

Today, I’m taking a little break from the Valentine’s Day art. I was looking at some swatches of the new OPI South Beach collection when they first came out, and while I’m not into most of the colors (does the … Continue reading

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Shimmering Earth

Today’s color is one that I didn’t expect to like, but I do. It’s a medium neutral gray-based brown with silver microglitter. It reminds me of soil with dew on it. This brown was made by mixing two opposite colors … Continue reading

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Dusty Coral

I like coral because it has a fun, 50s vintage sort of vibe. But it’s hard to find the right color to suit my ghostly white hands. If it’s too orangey, it clashes, but if it’s too red, then it’s … Continue reading

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Pink Harlequin

Today, I was trying to be subtle, so I went with a grayed-out pink with some slight silver glitter. This is one drop of creme red (like Essie Jelly Apple, but dollar-store brand) added to a light gray base with … Continue reading

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Banana Creme

I was going to call this one Hardboiled, because the color is just a wee bit closer to a hardboiled egg yolk, but I then I wanted to draw black dots on it like an actual banana…but anyway. Make a … Continue reading

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