Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Awards Part 2

I’ll just get right into it, here are entries 26-50 of the Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Awards. The theme is “Japanese Textures” and we’ve got quite a few nice entries in here. As always, click to enlarge.

Here’s 26-50:


Here’s some of my notes on the entries:

#26. Very lovely detail painting of geisha, a bit short on 3D elements but solid 2D painting.

#27. Flowers. We all know how I feel about that.

#28. Geish and fish.  Nice work but we’ve seen a few of these so far.

#29. Goldfish. A good piece overall but I don’t want to think about the texture of goldfish. Especially those vile ones with the huge bulgy eyes. But that’s just me.

#30. More flowers. So tired of flowers.

#31. Very prettily painted scene and nice maple leaves, but the outstanding part is how the red umbrella transitions from 2D to 3D. This type of illusion is very difficult to pull off.

#32. I am mystified. Lips, red white and blue with stars. This one is so random I can’t figure out if it was even meant to be entered.

#33. Hearts n butterflies. This one is not even close to being in the same league as other entries, though we’ve all got to start somewhere.

#34. Butterflies and sakura on monochrome red. The knotwork is pretty, but these aren’t doing anything for me.

#35. This kind of looks like a tragic scene. Is it a shower suicide? Is the hand reaching for drops of blood? Rose petals? While I don’t really understand it, I can appreciate the skill it look to do the 2D-3D transition with the hand.

#36. Flowers. Nice use of color but I am so sick of flowers for every theme.

#37. Gorgeous detail work and museum-quality painting…of? There’s a snake involved and classical Western figures, but I’m coming up short on the corresponding story.  Can anyone help me out on this? Amazing technique but I’m baffled on the meaning.

Check out more detail:

#38. Oiran figure with maple leaves and wagon wheels. The wheels definitely took some skill, as round things are the hardest to get right. Nice use of color, too.

#39. Goldfish are swimming in something green and white. The background is too busy to appreciate all the detail.

#40. Monochrome flowers. Needs something else, color or bolder detail.

#41. Cute 2D work but needs way more to compete with the other detailed entries.

#42. Lots of jewels and rich colors, but not sure what this is about or how it keeps with the theme.

#43. Flowers. Black/red leaves and red 3D tsubaki flowers.Flowers. Gah!

#44. Another goldish n geisha mashup, with some flowers thrown in for good measure. Nice transition between the “scenes” on each nail but needs something else to make it pop.

#45. Nice work on the 3D crane, it’s hard to make birds look good, but the background is much simpler than the other entries we’ve seen.

#46. Red with floral/vegetation details. Nice detail work but you know…

#47. Mix n match scene with maple leaves, geisha Mt. Fuji and temari balls. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve seen these quite a few times, but the work is nice on each entry.

#48. Traditional Japanese figures, very nicely painted but are just not grabbing me since I’m on Oiran Overload at the moment.

#49. Lots and lots of red beads and studs. Are they whips? Am I a pervert? They remind me of cat o’ nine tails. These seem like something you’d see in a video that you had to show ID to rent. At least there are no flowers. 🙂

#50. Nice floral scene (gasp!) The 3D irises are very well done. At least there’s a crane and some rhinestones to add some interest.

I meant to do another round of 25 entries, but I’m getting to that state where I keep staring at the same photos over and over again because I forgot what I was just looking at. I’m going to chip away at the rest slowly but surely. 🙂

#37 is my pic from this round, due to the excellent details and great use of color. I just wish I knew what it was depicting. Seems very mysterious, but no matter what the story, the work is top class.

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