Del Sol Swatches Part 2

Earlier this month, I reviewed some Del Sol color changing polishes and I’ve got more coming at you today. These polishes are activated by UV light. Moderate sunlight will be enough to make most of the shades change.They will change back and forth many times, but over time the pigment in the polish seems to degrade and leaves them one color. This is an issue I’ve experienced with all kinds of color-changing polishes, not just Del Sol.

Let’s take a look at the pretty colors:

Better Slate Than Never

Better Slate Than Never started off as a…slate gray and had an outstanding change to a dusty mid-tone purple. It did require 3 solid coats, but was worth if for the vastly different color you get. I did have a brush with a few stray hairs that stuck out in random directions, hence the really messy cuticles. I actually couldn’t see the Slate on my skin when it was in its shady incarnation. It only became super visible when it was purple.

No Anemones Here

No Anemones Here. Hmm, this one wasn’t really my cup of tea but I could see others liking it. It’s a sparse purple and silver microglitter in a clear base. I kept getting baldy spots with no glitter. This is three coats. The base turns to a deeper reddish grape purple. It needs a base coat- I used a grayish leftover franken (non-changing) polish because I thought my universe might explode if I layered two Del Sols over each other. Hmm, I wonder what happens if you mix them? I have yet to find out, but it could be a good rainy day experiment. Or not, since sun is required to see the results.

Del Sol Rose To The Ocassion

Rose To The Occasion is a coral pink that goes to deeper pink. Not a whole lot to say about this one, but it’s great if you can’t get enough pink. Formula was very nice- this is two coats with no topcoat.

PicMonkey Collage

Fields Of Marigold…YASS! This is what I’m talking about. Fall is my favorite season, though, so I’m all about oranges and deep foliage shades. This one turns from a muted pumpkin shade to a Japanese maple leaf reddish brown. Fall all the way!  The formula on this was very good- solid in 2 coats. Wouldn’t it be fun to paint an autumn leaf nail and have the leaves change color? I think I just found my newest fall manicure idea.

Lazy Daisy

Lasy Daizy is a bubblegum pink that changes to a medium tone purple. The formula was pretty good on this one. I used two solid coats and it was opaque, but not very shiny. You can get the gloss with topcoat- even UV blocking topcoat doesn’t seem to stop the color change, but I’d prefer the shades to be glossy without it. What this shade lacks in gloss, it makes up for in dramatic color change. 😉

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice. Hmm, why not both? The formula on this one was a bit glunky and I didn’t get even glitter coverage. I recommend layering this one over a silver. It’s a purple and light green large glitter in a clear base that changes to a magenta. This one sort of reminds me of Thanksgiving. The formula is a bit tricky but not unmanageable. I recommend sort of dabbing the glitter on vs vigorous brushing.

VIP. This one pops! It’s a silver holo micro glitter in a clear base that turns to a deep pinky red. I think this must be a standard pigment, since we’ve seen it in a few incarnations, but this one is really dramatic. I did 2 coats over a standard silver base. This is a good one to wow your friends with, since the change is instant and dramatic.


I really enjoyed the Del Sol polishes. I purchased all these, but some were a replacement for shades I had that stopped changing color. The Del Sol folks do stand behind their products, so they were kind enough to offer replacements. Unfortunately, I still have a bunch of dud Ruby Wing polishes, which is Color Club’s take on the color-changing polishes. Advice: use your color-changing polish within a year or so of purchase.  Even if your polishes do stop changing, they are still fine to use. They just won’t be as exciting.

I’m a fall junkie, so Fields of Marigold was my favorite. Naughty or Nice and No Anemones Here were a bit harder to work with due to chunky and sparse glitter respectively, but there were no real bombs in the collection, as far as I tested them.

I do have some Ruby Wings that are newer to show you, if you’re interested in still more color changing polish. Though these types of polishes are more oriented to teens and tweens, I still get a kick out of them. Then again, I enjoyed Hypercolor t-shirts too. 😉


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