What Goes On?

It’s January, and I have been pretty good with keeping up with my resolutions except the one to blog more! Oh, and the one to stop eating cookies. I’ve cut way down on the sugar but I like a cup of tea (no sweetener!) and a cookie in the morning. The tasty food of Asia is very hard on the waistline. I’ll miss it when I’m gone!

I’m also back on Twitter @gothicnailart and I promise to update more. The Twitter  and my newer site focuses more on my darker work, since I’ve got the blog, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook to show my non-gothic items. It got away from me and I’m not good at tweeting, but I will be better about it. I’ve gotten a few new followers, which was very encouraging and made me get my butt in gear.

I’v been doing a lot of organizing lately. My nail polish stash and supplies can easily get out of hand, since I’ve got so much! I have some things I don’t use a lot, and some nail polish that’s just been hanging around forever, so I’ve culled some of the collection. I think I just may be a nail goodies hoarder- it was hard to get rid of stuff, even if I  *knew* I wasn’t going to use it and it would cost more than it was worth to ship back when the time comes. Do I need an intervention? 😉

Here’s my current stash of nail polish I use on a daily basis. This is about 1/3 of my full stash. I separate the polishes by color, since that allows me to find what I’m looking for most efficiently.


I’ve gotten some new nail stamping plate holders instead of just stacking them in piles. I do have a trick for MoYou plates, if anyone has any: use a Ferraro Rocher chocolate box. They’re the perfect size to hold the plates, plus you have an excuse to eat chocolate. 🙂

Nail-wise, I’ve been up to a strange mix of cute and dark, which I guess happens a lot, now that I think of it. Click to see it bigger.

NeverTooMuchGlitter January 2015

In other nail art news, the results of the Tokyo Nail Expo Art Tip Award Contest are in! The theme was “Adult Punk.” Here’s the winner. At least it wasn’t hearts n flowers. It’s really good work, and the spiky collar is vaguely punk, but I’m not sure about the motorcycle. But hey, bulldogs! On a tiny motorcycle!

Displaying IMG_1258.JPG

That’s all the news for now- I’ve got some fun indie polishes to show soon, as well as a couple new glitter frankens on deck.


About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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2 Responses to What Goes On?

  1. Marta says:

    So many nail polish, I have 22 😀 Love your gothic style nails.

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