Vanity Planet Flat Iron Review

Today I’m taking the focus off nails and moving up to my hair. While I’m pretty handy with nail art, I’m totally unskilled with hair. Usually I let it get crazy-lady long, trim it, repeat. I’m a ponytail and braid kind of gal, but every now and again I get fancy and stuff it into a bun with some hairsticks.

I do have a natural wave in my hair, which is kind of puffy even in regular circumstances, but gets super frizzy in high humidity. Mostly, it hangs out in a floofy ponytail. I’m okay with that most of the time, but there are occasions when I want to look sleek.

So, today I have attempted to tame my hair into shape via the flat iron.  This particular one I’m reviewing today is from Vanity Planet. The brand is Style House. It has a cute leopard print pattern and ceramic plates. It heated up really fast-within a couple minutes. It has a knob to adjust the heat as well, though I used the lowest heat.










Cute and sleek.














On off switch with heat control knob. There’s an LED light that lets you know when the iron is hot. It heated up and was ready to go in about 2 minutes.















I’m a little photo shy, but here’s the Before photo showing me and my hair in all its floofy glory.
















Ta-Dah! After: a few quick passes on low heat with the flat iron gives me a suave look. 😉 This flat iron did its job- heated quickly, had nice smooth ceramic plates, and was easy to handle. It has a US-shape plug with two prongs, but has worldwide voltage. After using an adaptor to change the plug shape to a UK style, it worked perfectly on 220V. The animal print is a cute touch, too. I got good results with low heat. I imagine I could get a glass-smooth look on high heat, but I just wanted to tame things down a bit with minimum heat, and it worked very well. My hair stayed sleek through the day in some very sticky weather. It also has a limited lifetime warranty.  All in all, a solid performer. I may not use it every day, since I’m too busy with my nails, but I’ll be sure to take it out on those occasions when I want my hair texture to look a bit less like a Brillo pad.

This item was sent for my honest review by Vanity Planet. You can check it out here:

Flat Irons (

 Price: $39.00 + free shipping for US customers

And now that my hair is looking pretty good, we’ll be back to the nails in our next post- who’s ready to see some fun summer designs? 🙂


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2 Responses to Vanity Planet Flat Iron Review

  1. Denise says:

    Cute! if you wanted to get a sleeker look with low heat, try using one of the keratin conditioner or smoothing product. also let hair cool between passes. #frizzgirllife

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