Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

If there’s one thing (besides glitter!) that I’m passionate about, it’s cruelty-free beauty. I don’t use products that are tested on animals on this blog or in any of my nail art in my shop. There are so many great products out there that are kind to animals, so I don’t ever feel deprived or like I’m missing out. 

With that in mind, I have the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box to show you today. They have a Snack Box option and a Beauty Box option. Of course both boxes showcase vegan, cruelty-free products. 

Here’s what was in the Beauty Box:


A little doggy pouch, 2 packages of LA Fresh Oil Free Cleanser, Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder and Blush, Soapbox Black Soap, Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Lip Conditioner, and Color Club Harlem Lights 4-polish assortment. (Guess which item was my favorite?)

Vegan Cuts Collage

Closeup of the powders and nail polish. The Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder (left) was a nice product- it kept shine away even in sticky Singapore. I do have rather dry skin, though, so I’m not super oily. It’s a nice option for a finishing powder and seems to work really well. The Everyday Minerals blush is too dark for my super pale skin and makes me look like Bozo The Clown, but is very long lasting. It’s super matte and very natural looking- this would be great on darker complexions.

The lip balm was nice and minty. It’s not sticky or gooey. I don’t think this would heal super cracked lips, but it’s a nice balm for keeping dryness and chappy lips away.

The soap and face wipes were both effective and a fine option for soap and face wipes. The Black Soap wasn’t truly black and had a medicinal smell that reminded me of elementary school bathroom soap for some reason. Not unpleasant by any means but I like my Black Soap truly black. Nature’s Shea Butter  is my go-to place for African black soaps and other shea-butter goodies.

The cost of this box per month is $20, with free shipping in the US, $8 shipping to Canada, and $15 worldwide.

Is this box a good value at $20? It really depends. If you enjoy trying new things and are looking to support cruelty-free/small independent manufacturers, absolutely. Plus it’s always fun to get a box o’stuff in the mail. I personally hate waste and like to try sample-size goodies out before committing to a full-sized item. I’d rather do that than be stuck with full-size products I bought on a whim and then didn’t like, made me itchy, etc.  

That being said, if the products are not something you’ll enjoy (ie you don’t use nail polish, powder, etc) the box for that month is kind of a waste. 

I’d say if you have a regimen of products you like and are not actively looking for replacement products, you’d be better off skipping the Beauty Box. If you’re looking to replace some conventional products with vegan/cruelty-free ones, this might be a fun option to discover new goodies, especially if you live in an area without these products available locally. It’s also a fun present to give for a few months.

What do you guys think? Anyone have any Beauty Box subscriptions? What do you like/dislike about them?




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