Tokyo Nail Expo Part 4

And…I think this will be the final installment in the weird and wacky world of the competitive nail art for the Tokyo Nail Expo. I’ve saved some of the best and strangest for last!


Swirly flesh, amazing floral/grape detail- that takes a lot of control and patience to lay all that out!


An owl, a ???, a deer, a rabbit and a horse. I don’t want to think of any of these animals as “flesh,” but I guess technically they are? Nice detail work though- it almost looks like illustrations out of a children’s book.


Whoa…roses, balloons, a Christmas tree, fruits, a girl in hotpants and cowboy boots with a giant ice cream cone checking an invisible phone- these nails have it all! Very fine detailing- but I’d love to hear the story behind this one since it seems  like a fairly random collection of items. Nice composition but I’m just missing the boat on this one.


Double whoa…these seem vaguely X-rated, or maybe it’s just my dirty mind. A young girl in a micromini clinging onto a larger, seemingly uninterested boy who looks just plain miserable about it. They’re each listening to a headphone connected to a tiny MP3 player (very nice detail, btw) but they apparently hate the music. They are probably listening to Kenny G, and it’s not going well. There are lemons involved. Lots of lemons, and there are hands and feet on the last nail doing heaven knows what. I am stumped. But I’d give it a thumbs up for the composition and the detail work.


Not quite as skilled in the detail work, but big points for sticking with the “Fresh Flesh” theme. That blender just cracks me up- but I love it and it’s really original. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a blender nail before, and I have seen a LOT of nail art. Points for originality and actually sticking with the theme.


Well, these nails made a good effort on working with the “Fresh Flesh” idea. Strange yet beautiful renderings of Western women either wearing giant glasses or looking quite pained. Maybe the glasses have some magic powers that allow you to smile. Whatever the story behind these, the very realistic depiction of the girls and the fantastic lace detailing shows a lot of skill, even if the girls vaguely remind me of something you might see on a milk carton. (Do they still do that?)


Here’s a nail set featuring a good old fashioned colorful skull, complete with the mandatory roses. He also has a rather dandy tophat and is still smiling, despite a large crack in his cranium. These might be more suitable for a “No Flesh” kind of theme, but still a nice piece of colorful work.


Pandas, playing cards, dice, and a penguin made of copy paper, plus the seemingly required flowers. Did anyone incorporate the theme, or am I just missing the explanation? Nice work but I have no idea how to explain this one.


Hello gorgeous! I’m baffled as to how these were made- I think it’s a double layer nails with some crystal type gel, overlaid with a pale floral pattern. It sort of reminds me of that jelly that cut flowers sometimes comes in. Intriguing. I didn’t have enough time to really look at the nails since the staff kept the line moving pretty fast, but these are unique. But not fleshy. (?)


Adam and Eve, with a pretty decent sixpack. I like the blue and white combination- it’s really striking and works really well against the complexity of the sculpture. And it’s pretty fleshy.


Very nice work on these, with birds, tigers, deer and a baby giraffe. Whoever did these has a good skill as a painter and a good sense of color and composition. And I think this might be one of the few sets we’ve seen without roses!


Zombie dinner? Not sure what this means, but there is melting flesh and a very nice gradation involved- it’s absolutely seamless. Though if my flesh was melting off, I’d think a little more panic might be in order.


I need to renew my subscription to Ranger Rick. Is this a leopard? Or a cheetah? Why does it have a beard? Why is it floating in space? Are those teeth on the top or claws? Regardless, it’s a very nice detailed look and painting all those spots on a large surface is actually more difficult that it would appear. It’s easy to get off balance and start getting a strange pattern. And the claws have jewels, which is pretty cool.


These nails are fleshy. And feature topless ladies. I think it’s Victoria’s Secret models with fruit. I just…words fail. But these probably get the highest marks for “working with the theme.” Also, the banana detail is pretty fantastic- it has loads of teeny lines. It almost looks edible.


More pigs= more nightmare fuel. Pigs. Lips. Piglips. What does this mean? There are winged pigs with wax-type lips, balloon lollipop thingies, strawberries, and roses. I’d love to hear the story behind this one. The second pig from the left reminds me of Kiefer Sutherland. If he was rendered as a 3D acrylic pig, that might be what he’d look like. I am going to have nightmares involving Jack Bauer being kidnapped by winged pigs and locked in a vat of strawberry jelly. Or something. Something about the 3D pigs in the contest this year makes me want to hide under the bed and not come out. Ever.  “We’re running OUT OF GLITTER!”

While these nails are for showing off painting and sculpting skills, rather than acutal use, I think some of the entries are pretty crazy! Some amazing, disturbing and just plain unforgettable work was definitely on display.

I wish the artists had stuck closer to the theme, as there were a lot of entries I didn’t post that were just straight up florals that didn’t even attempt to work with the theme. That’s really not a whole lot of fun. However, I think I’m in a state of delirium after looking over all this nail art and trying to figure out exactly what the artists meant. When I start seeing movie actors disguised as 3D acrylic pigs, I think it’s time for bed.


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Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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One Response to Tokyo Nail Expo Part 4

  1. You can tell this art is from somewhere like Tokyo 😄 Some of it is really wonderful art work and some, as you say are veering on nightmare-ish 😮 Very funny commentary! 😂

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