Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 Part 2

Part 2 comin’ atcha with more crazy photos from the Tokyo Nail Expo!

First off, my haul from the show….

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 haul

And now back to the Nail Art Award Contest entries, where the theme was “Fresh Flesh.” This was pretty confusing and many entrants seemed to skip it entirely, though one artist absolutely nailed it (hey-YO!) As always, click to enlarge.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 1

A very painstakingly put-together peacock compete with cherries. Not ‘fleshy’ but very intricate.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 2

Pigs with wine and roses. Check out the stained glass background with the tiny snouts. I am a sucker for tiny snouts. The sign on the right says something about “baby pork or “suckling pigs.” Yikes! This one just may well haunt my nightmares since I am especially fond of pigs.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 3

Teeny safety pins, leopard print, and apple, sunglasses and a leather vest with matching tiny belt. Detailed and very well executed.  Appealling for the fashion plate but I’m not figuring out where the flesh comes in, unless it’s the leather/fur portion?

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 4

These nails have a wedding theme. It says “[I] was a princess, let’s do this every year.” I wonder what kind of folks associate weddings with fresh flesh? Jeepers.  But these are very kawaii, with huge flowers and all-round cuteness.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 5

These dragon nails have a flesh theme, there’s the traditional word for “tattoo” on them, which includes the kanji for ‘flesh.’ The nails look like an classical dragon tattoo. Fantastic 3D detail work, too. 

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 6

There’s a bear, and some ??? Maybe it’s a jewelivorious bear- instead of flesh, it eats rhinestones? (Imagine the glittery poo!)

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 7

Fantastically fleshy, disgusting zombie nails. I give these 5 stars for disgustingness and for sticking with the theme. Check out that sculpted ear! Just plain revolting.

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 8

Very dainty- check out that handsculpted lace and teeny birdcage. But…flesh?

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 9

The empty-eyed mask mask on the right is going to drive me insane. That aside, lovely detail work with clocks, gold leaf and some very nice sculpting. This is a Venetian costume party kind of theme, but again- where’s the flesh?

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail  10

A courtesan eating a mystery fruit. OK, some flesh going on there. I’m not sure what the clear blobs are, or what the fruit is, but beautiful job on the handpainted lady. It actually looks really old- and that’s not always easy to do!

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 1 11

Awesome detail work, with owls, florals and feathers. I’m getting a kind of retro vibe here and I’m jealous of that gorgeous detail but where’s the darn flesh?????

Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 nail 12

And, last but not least, tiny feline sushi chefs eating their wares. Definitely fleshy, cute and fun. These would definitely be in my Top 5.

There was a lot of gorgeous work but a lot of folks just seemed to ignore the theme, unless they incorporated it in a way that I just didn’t get. The public votes on the contest, so I’m not sure if those who ignored the theme get penalized. But it takes a lot of the challenge out if the interpretation of the theme is not taken into account.

More still to come-I didn’t want to make these posts too insanely picture heavy, so I’m breaking it up a bit (that, and I still have a ton to do since I’ve been away in Tokyo for a week!)


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Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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3 Responses to Tokyo Nail Expo 2013 Part 2

  1. I agree, not much flesh in those, but the sushi cats and pig snouts? Adorbs!!! : ))

  2. Fun to see what you bought and more nail art! Do you think the “fresh flesh” in the “bird cage nailart” is supposed to be her censored breasts? Lol! I hope you’ll have nice dreams about cute happy pigs who are getting a tan in the sun, or walk to their little pond after a lot of digging.

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Thank you- that’s a much happier interpretation of the pigs. But then the idea of the breasts + birdcage raises its own kind of nightmare. Caged lady parts? Then again, Japan is the country that invented X-rated tentacle erotica (since real human parts were too taboo. So…tentacles are better.) Ah, Japan…you never cease to amaze me.

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