China Glaze Hologlam 2013 Swatches And Review

Howdy everyone! I went out last night and picked up a few more shades from the upcoming China Glaze Hologlam collection. This particular collection has been hotly anticipated and I wanted to see if it lived up to my expectations.

First, the swatches, then my overall review. There were 3 shades I didn’t get, since they were sort of silvery/gray and I have quite a few of these in my collection already, so I focused on the more unique colors. I reviewed two of the pink shades here as well.

Here we go!

Sci Fly By China Glaze Hologlam

Sci Fly By. A metallic light blue with a good color shift to it. The formula on this was was a bit more watery than the others,for some reason, but it had good coverage after 3 thin coats. Very futuristic looking and one of the flashier shades of the collection.

China Glaze Hologlam When Stars Collide

When Stars Collide. This is a warm toned purple with the strongest holo in the collection, I think. This one has a very obvious color shift. I like darks, so this is fine with me, but if you prefer more girly colors, then this might be a miss since it’s pretty bold on.  Reminds me of old velvet movie theater seats, for some reason!

China Glaze Hologlam Galactic Gray

Galactic Gray. This is not gray at all, it’s much more brown, but it does lean a bit gray in the photos. This has a pretty nice color shift even in lower light- it looks more holo than frosted. It seems the darker tones can show off holos better, for some reason. Maybe with the pale shades, there’s not enough contrast or something. It is kind of an unusual color for spring but I’m liking it. Not a dupe for OPI’s My Private Jet, but we have seen a brown holo before.  I prefer the formula on this one, and OPI is no longer cruelty-free, so this will be my go-to brown holo from now on.

China Glaze Hologlam Not In This Galaxy

Not In This Galaxy. A warm pinky coral that has a pretty good color shift in it, especially in brighter lights. I’m not in love with the particular color but this has a better holo effect than the paler shades. It’s brighter, too, so it’s a bit more fun to wear.

China Glaze Hologlam OMG A UFO

OMG A UFO. If I saw a UFO, I’d try to shut my thoughts off to avoid detection by the aliens, but I guess the folks at China Glaze figured panic was more in order. This is a swampy kind of khaki green, which could have been really fascinating if it had a stronger holo.  It looks more like a frost to me in most lights since the holo in this one is very fine. I would have liked this to be a touch darker- it seems somehow like it’s not saturated enough, for some reason. But that’s just my personal preference. It just doesn’t really ‘pop’ enough for my taste.

China Glaze Don't Be A Luna-Tic

Don’t Be A Lunat-Tic. This is kind of a pale silvered seafoam-green. It has a flash of holo-goodness in the brightest of lights, but looks like a frost to me in most lighting. Pretty but leans very close to a silver. It might look better on other skintones, but on my ghostly white hands, it just looks a bit washed out.

The formula on these was pretty good- not streaky or clumpy, and had a pretty fast dry time, but 2-3 coats will definitely be necessary for the full effect. You can also try layering them over a similar creme shade to build up the color. Topcoat is also a must to get the surface smooth for maxiumum holo goodness.

I’m just not as in love with these as I thought I’d be. The paler shades seem a bit washed out, like they are under-saturated and the holo is a bit weak, so they just look like metallics or frosts unless you look closely in bright light. I’d like to see a collection of holos with really rich, saturated shades, but this is unfortunately not it. It’s definitely worth a look, though, and if you like dark shades, When Stars Collide is a unique shade with very nice application and good color shift.

I *may* be sacrificing these babies to my franken  palette to see if I can come up with something I really like, but I have no idea what the results will be. I’m guessing I can tint the paler shades with a sheer polish but no work on what the end result will be. If it’s either awesome or hideous, I’ll share the results. 😉


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Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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7 Responses to China Glaze Hologlam 2013 Swatches And Review

  1. Beautiful swatches! I liked the first two colors best. I haven’t tried it myself, but if you want a stronger holographic effect, you could try (if I understood it correctly) to drip a few drops of a holographic polish in water, and dip your nail in it, like water marbling. I saw it on Esmaltes da Kelly, but had problems with the translation, so I didn’t get the details. It’s sad to hear that OPI is no longer cruelty- free. Then I will stop buying OPI too. Do you know if it’s because of the owner or because they have started testing? OPI is still on the local cruelty- free list I use to check, but I see that PETA has taken OPI off their list. I have wanted to buy China Glaze too, but not found it on any animal organization’s cruelty- free lists. Do you have a good cruelty- free list to recommend?

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Hmm, I’ll have to try that holographic trick- never heard that one before but I’m always willing to experiment!
      OPI did sell to Coty LLC in 2012, so while the brand is technically cruelty-free, their parent company tests extensively.

      I have spoken with AII, China Glaze’s parent company, and they confirmed they do no animal testing nor pay other do to so on their behalf.

      I have an entire page devoted to Cruelty Free Beauty- check it out! I use the Caring Consumer lists as a basis, then I research companies individually by corresponding with them on a case by case basis. Check out the page for some links. 🙂 And thanks for being an animal lover!

  2. Hillary H says:

    where did you get the Hologlam collection so early I thought they where only coming out in March?

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      It’s out earlier overseas, as many collections are. Sometimes I do get sent samples by polish companies for a sneak peek and review, though I did purchase this particular collection myself. 🙂

  3. beachgal says:

    Sorry about these – so looked forward to these for so long as it’s hard for me to get my hands on the indies that have been out and I like ChG brand a lot. But I hate metallic – I wore frost for so many yrs as I grew up in the 60’s and that was the polish finish then unless you were a grandma. I have never liked frost since. I think the brown is interesting but then thinking how I don’t wear any browns I own now why get another? I wear taupe but not browns. I sort of feel with the Color Club holos of 12 and now 13 maybe other than trying to get my hands on the gray one I probably won’t pick up any of these. I own all the OMG and Tronicas – seems maybe cost cuts and trying to improve on the chipping from the last 2 ChG holo collections maybe ChG gave up too much of what holos are about. Some of these look like the Bohemian collection ones that were supposed to be duochromes and weren’t!

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Yeah, I was bummed about the Bohemians! I love a good duochrome and these did not really deliver for me. I, too, am not a big fan of frosts, and the paler shades look like frost in anything but bright light. Maybe I just got dud bottles, but definitely swatch before you buy! They’re OK and I’m sure the collection will be popular, but I’m just not loving it. For summer, ChG is doing a textured polish like OPIs glitter sand. I’m definitely not a fan of those but may buy a couple to play around with for nail art. But gritty matte on the whole nail? No thanks!

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