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New Year Nail Art

Boo! It’s been a dark day of torrential rain here, which has made good photos of some New Year’s nail art impossible. I had to use the flash and go all Instagram on everyone. Not exactly ideal but I hope … Continue reading

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DIY Gold Leaf Topcoat

There’s been quite a few real gold leaf topcoats on the market this season, but they’re pricey and only 14 or 18K gold. They’re a fun luxurious touch for a special event, but too expensive to be a frequent gilt-y … Continue reading

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Fruitcake Nails

Ah, the dreaded fruitcake. I think it gets a bad rap, but I’ll admit I have not eaten one for years. Rumor has it that there’s only one in existence and it just gets passed around, and I’m thinking it … Continue reading

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Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

Well, it’s Dec. 21 here in Asia, and the world hasn’t ended. Phew! To celebrate , here’s a Candy Cane nail art tutorial! This look is really fun and not too tricky. They key is to have a striping polish … Continue reading

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More Holiday Nail Art

I hope everyone’s holiday season is going well. I’ve got the holiday blues and a sense of disorientation, with the weather outside being like July.  I don’t want to dwell too much about the recent school shooting, but it took … Continue reading

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Holiday 2012 Nail Art Selections

Hello all! I’m taking a little break from the crazy Tokyo nail art to show you what I’ve been making this season! So far, this is one of my favorites: It’s a kind of old-time holiday village. It looks really … Continue reading

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Tokyo Nail Expo 2012 Nail Art Contest- Part 3

Pic Spam!! I think this is the next to last posting of nail art from the Tokyo Nail Expo, but I’ve saved some of the best for last!  There were over 150 entries this year, so it’s taken quite a … Continue reading

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