A Few New Layout Changes

Since I can’t really paint much in this tiny hotel room, I’ve decided to do some admin-type stuff with the blog, sort out some photos after the Great Hard Drive Crash of ’12, and lay some framework for an NTMG website. That’s a rather ambitious project, but I now own the domain name after waiting for it for several years.

I’ve cleaned up some dead links, refined some categories, and added some updated information about cruelty-free products on a new page so it’s more easily accessible.

Any other suggestions or things you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

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About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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2 Responses to A Few New Layout Changes

  1. shaylad says:

    I’m liking the updated layout/color scheme! While the black background was easy enough to read, I think the white background with black text makes it look a lot cleaner.

    You’ve been waiting for your domain name? That’s nuts!

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m more of a black background girl by nature, but variety is the spice of life.
      Yeah, someone registered nevertoomuchglitter.com and they wanted $2000 for it. So I stalked it, waited until it expired, then grabbed it. :D

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