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Snow White Evil Queen Nail Art

Snow White Evil Queen Nail art by NeverTooMuchGlitter Continue reading

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A Few New Layout Changes

Since I can’t really paint much in this tiny hotel room, I’ve decided to do some admin-type stuff with the blog, sort out some photos after the Great Hard Drive Crash of ’12, and lay some framework for an NTMG … Continue reading

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Japanese Nail Art Pic Spam

I’m still in my noisy hotel (complete with a rich variety of nighttime activities) and have no goodies to show, so I’ve looked through my favorite Japanese nail art salons to find some pictures to try and cheer myself up … Continue reading

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Still Hanging On

I’m back in Singapore after spending some time back in the US with my family, and unfortunately I’m still not settled in yet- still living out of my suitcases in a hotel. No visa= no apartment, no nail school, no … Continue reading

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