2012 is Off To A Sore Start….

Aargh! I’ve pulled a muscle trying to move stuff when packing up (maybe it’s not a wise idea after all for a 98-pound weakling to lift a big heavy TV) and…had a massive hard drive crash. And yes, all my nail photos were on it. It was a quite new 3-month old drive, and I didn’t have it backed up. D-U-M Dumb! Just a little PSA from my sad experience:

If you’re using a USB-powered external hard drive (ie, it doesn’t get power from a plug), be very careful not to let your computer go to sleep/shutdown while the drive is plugged in. It can cause data failure if the drive is writing or accessing itself, even if it’s not actively copying files. When the computer goes to sleep or powers down, the drive can lose power while it’s functioning, which can cause data loss. Also, don’t remove the drive without stopping it first, even if the instructions say it’s OK. It’s much safer to stop the device first and it only takes a few seconds. This was something I did not know, and now I do, sadly to the tune of over 10,000 lost photos. I have run recovery software on it to no avail and now have to consult the pros at a horrible cost. I guess the main point is:  back it up TWICE in different locations and don’t rely on external hard drives for long-term storage.

I’m slowly getting back on track. Whatever muscle I pulled gave me a lot of pain from my lower back all the way to my neck, so it’s been also hurting to paint nails for an extended period of time.  Besides the cranky muscle, it’s hard for me to paint when I feel out of sorts and my poor apartment looks like something out of Hoarders because there are boxes and bags everywhere. The move is more difficult than I thought it would be, both physically and mentally. It’s hard to say goodbye to my home of almost 10 years. I left the  US since before 9/11 and have only really been back for visits since. It’s been a long time in years, but also in terms of how much things seem to have changed.

Oh no, I’m giving myself a case of the blues. My plan for today is to drink some Red Bull, pop a couple aspirin, take out some trash, tape up a few more boxes, and make a clear space so I can do something fun for an hour or two without looking at the mess.  Then…bubble bath! It’s um….therapeutic for my sore muscles!

Some of my best art comes out when I’m feeling a little blue, so I hope to have something good to show everyone. I’m thinking…woodblock prints?


About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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6 Responses to 2012 is Off To A Sore Start….

  1. Ahw… too bad 2012 didn’t start better for you!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Thank you! I’m feeling much better now and hope the year started off as a bit of a dud and is getting better from here.

  2. Lucy says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I know about back & neck pain. I live with it every day. Thank God for pain pills! That’s really awful about losing all your photos. I know nothing about the computer but typing & searching. It’s so damn confusing to me. Baths are perfect for you. Don’t forget to do some icing also. No more TV lifting! I should imagine it’s heartbreaking to have to leave your second home. Ten years is a long time. Take care sweetie.

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Aw, poor Lucy! I’m sorry you have to deal with that! I’m on the mend and able to be pretty much pain free, though I find it has flared up after being in one position for too long. And definitely no more power lifting!

      It is hard to go and I’m comfortable here, but it seems like I’ve gotten everything from Japan that I can. I’ve absorbed a lot of the culture and living here for so long has forever changed me (in mostly good ways!) but it’s also a very insulated society. I will forever be on the outside looking in if I stay.

      Phew! Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book there. 😛

  3. Issa says:

    My SO specializes in stuff like this! He’s a computer consultant, and he does just about everything as far as fixing, building, upgrading, networking, etc. for computers. I’m in the US, but he might be able to help, or at least tell you whether the people who are looking at the drive are overcharging you or telling you that data can’t be retrieved when it can. Drop me a line if you’d like! My email is polishpackrat@gmail.com.

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Oh, that’s really kind of you! After running two types of recovery software, I got most of the data back, though it’s not in folders, has random junk names like 12456465lkghfo6545.jpg and appears to have saved the non-edited version of the photos, but I’m still happy to have it! If I have another disaster, I’m calling on you! ❤ but don't worry, I've learned my lesson about having backups. But thanks so much!

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