Tokyo Nail Expo 2011 Nail Art Competition

And here’s some more entries from the Nail Art Competition. I still have no word on the winner, but the event is still on for another few hours. These are not my work, just to be clear. Click the photos to enlarge.

A dreamy carousel set with a nice sunset gradation.

Hmm, I think this is a European type castle with a chandelier.  Check out the cute tiny candles and interwoven chains. I can’t imagine you’d be able to use your hands at all if you wore these, but I guess that’s the idea!

Phoenix bird with a gorgeous mother-of-pearl type design.

Hmm, does she have ESP? Or a headache? The figure is a little ambiguous but I love that glitter gel/stained glass look in the background. Amazingly clean and well-done,  it’s one of those things that looks simple but is not easy to do!

Tiny tea service, roses, macaroons, and roses. Yum! I think Mr. Bee wants in on it too, he’s lurking on that rose but he’s about to go for a macaroon, I’m sure.

I’m not well versed enough in the classics to know what these figures are- they seem sort of Greek or Roman to me- anyone have any ideas? This detail work is gorgeous. I have no idea how the artist painted such fine lines. Simply stunning.

International Peacock? Lots of little tiny flags, with striped leaf-shaped nails on the back. One of the most original ones in the show, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Being in Japan gives me a lot of nail art inspiration, that’s for sure! Some of this stuff is to crazy to wear, but I always enjoy looking at it from an art perspective. The theme “Power of Nail” (no, not a typo) was pretty meaningless, in my opinion, since it doesn’t actually define anything, but it did give a lot of leeway for interpretation. Unfortunately, since there are no explanations, it’s hard to figure out what the artist had in mind. But hey, we can still enjoy the pretty colors!


About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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6 Responses to Tokyo Nail Expo 2011 Nail Art Competition

  1. faey says:

    the greek/roman looking figures are by Mucha.

  2. Mira says:

    Check art nouveau from Google and you’ll find more of those “sort of Greek or Roman” figures. 🙂 At least I think those are art nouveau inspired. Art nouveau is inspired by natural forms and some influences also came from Japan.

  3. August says:

    love the carousel! The meaningless theme reminds me of a theme of an art contest I entered 3 years ago. ‘Wow’. That was it. So, what I did, since I was often wowed by fashion, was that I took pictures of dress displays, cut them out, glued them on the board, and drew a new york scene around them with women wearing the dresses. There was a bench refection in one of them, and the judges were wondering how I did it, even though it was not meant to be there. I do remember that I placed, but I can’t remember which one.

  4. “I’m not well versed enough in the classics to know what these figures are- they seem sort of Greek or Roman to me- anyone have any ideas? ”

    It’s mini replicas of some of the paintings done by Alphonse Mucha!! OMG! He’s my all time favorite artist, and I’ve always contemplated trying to do Mucha nails….but those…..AMAZING!

    • chris caomil says:

      this is from Mucha, a french painter from the beginning of the 20th century and classed in Art déco style.Wellknown for his fantastique four seasons.

  5. ninix says:

    the paintings “greek” styled are some those made by of an artist named alphonse mucha, world famous, 1860-1939.

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