Let’s Do A Giveaway!

To say thanks for visiting and being patient with my digital doofdom, I want to do a giveaway! Of course all the products are cruelty-free and glittertastic. 🙂

Well, actually, on second thought, the eyelash curler is probably cruel. I just threw that in there since I never use one.

The giveaway includes:

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex, Uzi Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Potion, and 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero. Glittahbomb!

Primal Elements mini soap

Stage Line lipstick in #21 Light Orange, Glow Up Lip Gloss in Caramel, Beige Finishing Powder, and Transparent Professional Powder. Stage Line is a cruelty-free company from Spain that’s starting to sell products in Japan.

And…one brand new (of course!) eyelash curler which I’ve heard several raves about but I’d never put one of them near my lashes unless it was under pain of death, since I’m clumsy and would probably pull out my eyeball.

What do you have to do to win? Tell us your childhood nickname in the comments- and the story behind it, if there is one.  I’ll pick the winner randomly on Friday, April 9. One entry per person please- open worldwide!

In other news, I’ve opened a store on Zibbet which is kind of an alternative to Etsy. I’m sick of the bogus sellers on Etsy selling stuff which is not handmade or vintage. Yes, you used your printer to print out someone else’s design and you’re selling it your own handmade item! Yes, while it was technically made by human hands, not robots from outer space, that isn’t what “handmade” means.  I only have 13 listings but I have another 200 to put up this month. My materials costs and postage have gone up too, so this is a chance to price things a bit more appropriately.  I’m not going to raise any prices on existing items in my Etsy shop because that just seems unfair. I hate it when that happens (:cough MAC pigments cough:) I’m planning on keeping both shops though, so no worries.

So let’s hear your childhood nicknames and why for a chance to win!


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Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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94 Responses to Let’s Do A Giveaway!

  1. fitandfortysomething says:

    my sister would call me popi because my real name in greek is kalliope so she shortened it 🙂

  2. daisy says:

    my nickname was daisy may lucas:) i’m not really sure why i was called that…

  3. libbeh says:

    My childhood nickname was “Libby”. My brother’s girlfriend-at-that-time- turned-ex-wife, used to call me that, and it would annoy me until one day in middle school, I thought it was a cool nickname and started using it. I used it up all the way until 4 years ago, shortly after I met the bf. I still go by “Libby” w/ a lot of my old friends, but everyone that I meet now, I introduce myself with my birth name. I occasionally slip, and tell them my name is “Libby” though :-\

    Thanks for the cool giveaway 🙂


  4. Cathy says:

    This is somewhat embarrassing, but here I go.

    I did not always have an English name. When I first moved to the US, I was tired of people mispronouncing my name so I asked my parents to give me an English one. Now, my parents were not great at English themselves and I think anyone who has been around kids knows how hard it is to make a four year old eat his/her vegetables in order to avoid constipation. So, they teased me about how I always needed to use an enema, “kessuhlu” in my native language, which to them sounded like Catherine. To my horror, the name stuck. I was so embarrassed that I eventually shortened it to Cathy, but I’ve had the nickname ever since. However, now when my non-english speaking relatives try to pronounce Cathy, it comes out as “kesi”, which means boiled water. >.< The good news is that I've gotten used to it by now and as long as people don't ask, it seems like a perfectly normal name, right? ^^

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Yeah, they’ll never know better! LOL!

      Not nearly as cool but…When people here in Japan try to pronounce my name, it comes out sounding like a common Middle Eastern male first name. I’m a pasty white gal and the combination has stopped quite a few people.

  5. Lisa says:

    My childhood nickname is kind of boring: Lisi. But only my sisters and my boyfriend call me that now, so it’s kind of special to me 🙂

  6. Violet says:

    Heehee this is a cool idea! My childhood nickname was Milo, I don’t think they have it overseas but here Milo is like a chocolatey malt powder you add to milk and drink. When I was in 4th grade the popular girl was called Katie and she decided her nickname was Kitkat, everyone followed the trend and gave themselves nicknames after chocolate bars! I was out sick the day they did it so when I came back they had given me Milo which was like the ultimate scraping the bottle of the barrel loser nickname >_< It stuck until I went to s different highschool fml!

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Ah, yes, Milo. I think US readers will know this as Nestle Quick or maybe Ovaltine. I have drank many a cup of it here in Asia. Be thankful it wasn’t based on US chocolate bars: there’s Zero, Chunky, and Goobers just to name a few!

  7. Kat C. says:

    Okay…I used to be called Makarya. In my part of the world, this is an old’s woman’s name, and when my mom calls me that, either she’s mad or absolutely doting. More often it’s the first that prompts her to call me that

  8. Carol L says:

    My nickname was dumbo, bc my ears stuck out and my mom insisted on cutting my hair short. I can hide it now, bc my hair is long.

  9. Amy Meehan says:

    My little sister used to call me Mamie, but I’m not really sure why.

  10. Ruthless says:

    Ruthless, because I am. Not making it up I’ve been called Ruthless my whole entire life as a nickname. By nice people. I’ve been called other things by jerks but those aren’t really nicknames

  11. frmheadtotoe says:

    HMM, what a tough question! I had people call me “shrimp” when I was younger since I was always the smallest kid in class but it was more of an unfortunate tease than something I’d be proud to go by. 😉

    I did have a few friends call me “Nifer” in junior high though. This came about from going bowling and have others switch people’s names on the score screen. Started with “Jen” and ended with “nifer wafer” from the ending of “jennifer.” ;D

  12. Erica says:

    i was called jolly green giant for most of elementary school. i have been 5’7″ and above since 4th grade! i would just play along with it and wear a lot of green. it worked out to my benefit; everyone knew me because of my height. i love being tall ❤

  13. Iris says:

    My friends used to call me “pipi” because they thought i was a pyromaniac and now it has evolved to “pipes”.

  14. Amy says:

    My friends in high school called me BIG TOE because of this argyle sweater I wore that looked like a sock. I tried to give myself the nickname “Moss” (why I don’t know), but it never stuck. 🙂

  15. suzieduck says:

    when i was about 7 relatives called me monkey. this was the time when my father used suntan lotion on my instead of sunblock for my swimming lessons. needless to say i was tanned almost black and skinny with knobbly knees and elbows so the name stuck for a while.

  16. Melissa says:

    My childhood nickname was “Meca” since it was what my brother called me when he couldn’t say Melissa. I guess it sounded about the same to the kid.
    My whole family called me Meca for a while, but now I’m the only child who goes by their full name. My two brothers have crazy nicknames (but I won’t get into that!)

  17. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    You guys are all hysterical, for some reason Cathy, Big Toe and Mamie are cracking me up especially.

  18. kayluh says:

    I was and still am called “bubblebutt”. The reason behind it is pretty obvious, and it really stuck when I went camping with my uncle, and there was a small island out in the lake that looked like a butt from a certain angle. And since the island had no name, he named it Bubblebutt Island… it is now the real name, and I never want to go to that lake ever again! haha I guess another nickname was kay-o. Which was from a cousin who couldn’t pronounce his Ls and he still calls me kay-o, even though he can go ahead and say “lemon lollipop” about ten time in a row. I never had any normal childhood nicknames… 😦

  19. reia says:

    My nickname was and still is, to my horror, Yaya. It’s actually a play on my real name…too bad it means “duck”. >_>

  20. I don’t really have a great story, but I’d love to win the giveaway! I have a twin sister and when we were really young, we couldn’t pronounce each others names, even though my real name isn’t that hard to pronounce. 🙂 We called each other Nary and Iffy. We’re actually Mary and Tiffany. (Our grownup nicknames are much cooler. I call her Tiffasaurus. She likes that one a lot.)

  21. marisa says:

    I’ve only had a real nickname since I was 0 to three/four years old. My dad called me “dumdum” because (according to my dad) babies aren’t very smart . Actually before I was born, my older sister had that nickname. Then when my younger brother was born, that became his nickname, until he was four. I’m pretty sure my dad didn’t really know our names until we grew out of that name…

  22. Tammy says:

    Mine was and still is Gigi. My older brother had a cat (or something) named Gigi, and when I was born I was as small as that cat so he called me by that name. I know it’s weird, but it stuck and my whole family still calls me that.

  23. jessika says:

    lovely giveaway! AND congrats on your new store! i understand what you mean about etsy

    My mom (and ONLY my mom) called me pooh bear or poopsies, after Winnie the Pooh. Unfortunately, i think she had to change my diaper alot when i was a baby! She still calls me it to this day.

  24. Sylvia says:

    My nickname in high school was twigs. Because I was 5’8″ and 103 lbs.
    I miss those days.

  25. Melia says:

    I got away with giving nicknames mostly when I was younger!
    In school I was called “Ntarntanova”, which means “big girl” with a Russian twist (the -ova ending) as I was one of the tallest and had a bigger build than the other girls.
    My younger cousins used to call me “Kal” because they couldn’t say my name (Kalli), my Dad still does sometimes.

  26. lisette says:

    I’ve been called drakakoe since forever

    It a word that’s been pulled from 2 words;draka is from dracula,because I love vampires and then there’s koe which is just cow in dutch.I collect cows(statues,plush,kitchenware,anything)

    Put together it makes drakakoe,we made a little story to match,story goes like this;

    A little cow just stands in the grass minding her bussiness.Then dracula comes by,he hasn’t eaten yet and is starving.It’s almost dawn and he REALLY needs food.NOW.He sees the cow and feeds on her.But since a cow has a lot more blood then a human he doesn’t kill her thereby making her a vampire too.

    drakakoe was born.

    I’m a lot older now and the name just sticks.I have a friend,when she calls me she will “moooooh” when I pick up the phone.I will always Moooh back.people stare but we don’t care 😀

  27. Mira says:

    My nickname was Mima. My cousin started calling me by that name because she couldn’t say the r in my name and then everyone started calling me that.

  28. Delirium says:

    My mother called me “Didi” which is some sort of nonsense name she made up. It has shown up on birthdaycards and she has been known to embarass me to no end when I had friends over by using my nickname.

    When I was 13 I got a foster sister of Indian origin and she could tell me that Didi means sister and is used both in India and Pakistan. A few years later I got a fosterbrother (who was just 4 months when he moved in and stayed for 1,5 years) of Pakistani origin and he picked up on the Didi name for me as it was easy to say.

    I feel that my nickname went from embarassing to meaningful. And yes, I’m now 33 and my mother still calls me Didi 😀

    (my real name: Elisabeth)

  29. Sonne says:

    My mother called me Mimmi and I think it was because my real name is Minttu, I don’t think there’s any other story behind that name. ;D

  30. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    Wow! Lots of international readers- I’m getting an education! Keep em coming!

  31. Halifax says:

    Some friends called me Tiger, cause I was very persistent and aggressive sometimes. My grandfather taught me confidence and that was how I interpreted it, as a young age, of course, lol

  32. Clare says:

    See my name?

    Now think of any other word that rhymes with it, and try to link all those words together. Like so:

    clare the bear, sat on a chair, ate a pear, lost a dare, went to the fair… etc.

    I was also called Rabbit because I had a habit of keeping my hands close to my chest as I was timid. The other primary school kids thought that looked like what a rabbit did, so that was my nickname…

  33. Imogen says:

    My sister and parents called me (and still call me!) ‘Punk’ because I used to dress like “a little punk”.

  34. Alisa says:

    My parents called me Motor Mouth because I never stopped talking. I’m about to turn 38 and some things never change! And now my three year old daughter is just like her momma.

  35. Liz says:

    Liz quickly became lizard. Not very imaginative, but I had a thing for reptiles! I was the only girl in 4th grade who was obsessed with snakes and stuff.

    Then when I got to college, I had a friend who started calling me lizARD (emphasis on the second syllable). It was pretty funny. He still calls me that on Facebook.

  36. quinnrz says:

    my primary schoolmates calls me Rocky dog (the rockweiler) 😦 because my name has a similar word..

  37. Ana Belén says:

    My family called me “Flamenca” because in Spain, it is an art, and I loved dancing this!

  38. Victoria says:

    My parents called me “Small Emerald” because I’ve green eyes. I still love that name!!!!!!

  39. Durão says:

    Easy one!
    Cacá, just what my brother could spell from the beginning of my name (Carlos).
    It sticked really fast!

  40. Kathryn says:

    I never really had a nick name as a child, my mom wanted to call me Katie but since my brother had a friend in kindergarden named Katie that was not allowed. He thought there could only be one person with each name…

    I did frequently get called ChriKathryn. Since I rarely got in trouble when it happened my mom would try to yell at my brother (Christopher) before realizing I did it! lol

  41. Fernie says:

    *sigh* I didn’t have a childhod nickname as such. But I had a HORRIBLE one in high school. My name is Fern and at that point in Singapore, there was a tv ad for powdered milk called Fernleaf Milk Powder.

    Soooo, I’m ummm quite well-endowed, if you catch my drift. And the boys in class called me “Fernleaf Breast milk”.

    I know. It was really bad and at 14, horrifying. But I’m all over it now. Why does everyhere seem to have cuter nicknames?

    I’m jealous! ^^

  42. sture says:

    My sister calls me Armhair. Cause I have such long arm hair, charming I know :’D

  43. Nessa says:

    My childhood nickname was Nenna because my little sister could say my full name (Jenessa) or my other nickname (Nessa) and I am still called that to this day by the both of them, especially when they are mad.

  44. Destati says:

    Most everyone in my family calls me “Pooh” (I.e. Winnie the Pooh) because my mom used to read Pooh stories to me when I was still in her tummy. 😛

    But around my sophomore year of high school one of my friends started calling me La-Dee-Dee. (From my name LeDonna) And since then it’s transformed to La-De-De to just De-De/Dee-Dee. And now even LJax. Lol. I have so many now. 🙂

  45. LacquerMuse says:

    My nickname was Beaker Kai. Beaker as in Dr. Honeydew and Beaker from the Muppets. Apparently I thought his (Beaker’s) way of speaking was hilarious as a child. Kai (ocean) was tacked on to the end because from the age of four or so onwards I was obsessed with sharks and wanted nothing more than to be an ichthyologist when I grew up.

    My sister’s nickname was Plum Blossom. My sister had a lovely flower nickname, and mine referred to a wet pink/orange puppet sidekick. Envy is not a strong enough word, lol.

  46. Bethhh says:

    Before my dad died when I was very young, he used to call me and my mum his little lizards, so just to keep some of him around, she would call me her little lizard after he was gone. She still calls me that sometimes, and when i’m older I want a lizard tattoo above my ear :]

  47. Kae says:

    I never had a childhood nickname, I was an only child and my father just called me Kae chan. My husband had a funny one though, Zugar!

  48. Jackie S. says:

    I have two family nicknames

    “Munchie”..because I had big cheeks like the stuffed animal monkeys called ” Munchie Cheeps”

    “Bones” as a young girl I was so skinny that you cold see the tips of my bones on my shoulders and knees..not a pretty picture!

  49. Si Sayaovong says:

    I had plenty nicknames as a child because my dad always had a very imaginative mind and always loved calling me different names. My first nickname was CV. Then there’s T, TT, Seaweed, Nike, Nai, etc. No stories behind them at all. LOL.

  50. Abbey says:

    My nickname is Abbey-doo. My aunt named me this because as a child I was OBSESSED with the TV show Scooby-doo. It stuck 😛

  51. hannah says:


    the amount of laughter and tears in that name alone. One mutual friend of me and the bff was looking at our school id one day and for some reason blurted that my head looked like that of a fish or maybe it was my slit like eyes I wouldn’t know srsly which set the bff laughing her head off leaving me pissed till the friend commented that she looked like a rabbit cuz of her teeth which killed her laughter abruptly and got me laughing. and lo and behold, before you know it we were at war. heck we even got our siblings involved as we wrote stupid ridiculous somewhat mean poems and long stories concerning fishheads and rabbits SRSLY WHAT WAS WRONG WITH US LOL. Now we know where our pretty cool essay writing skills come from. Honed since young hah!

    After the whole ‘war’ blew over, like all childhood fights does after a while, we laughed at the ridiculousness of it all but the names still stuck haha although only we are allowed to call the other that XD

    I still don’t understand why that mutual friend of ours got off scot free in the whole affair though when she was the one who started it all *miffed

    But anyways, that is the story 😛

  52. Jenn says:

    I used to be called ‘Mochiface’ when I was younger because I had such round cheeks! XD

  53. cristalle says:

    My mom loved Three’s Company and wanted to be able to call me “Crissy” as a nickname, but didn’t like the names Christine or Christina. She also didn’t like the spelling of Crystal or Krystal, so I was named Cristalle! So her naming me was a little backwards, but she’s a pretty quirky lady all around! I don’t have any funny nicknames… my brother called my “Kissy” when he first learned to speak, before he could say his “r”s

  54. aarti says:

    My nickname as a child was Art, my sister still calls me that today. I used to love drawing and painting as a child and all things art related and ironically it was also in my name – Aarti.

  55. monica says:

    When I was little my family spoke both Thai and English around me so I had a hard time pronouncing things in both languages. I also really liked to eat bananas. One day I tried to say, “My name is Banana” but it came out as “My name is Nana”. Since Thais have really long names we usually have short nicknames we call ourselves so in Thai I still call myself Nana. I love reading your blog but just always lurk 😛 Thank you for the contest!

  56. Meredith says:

    Well this is hugely embarrassing, but it’s for the sake of makeup, so whatever 😀 Incidentally my family really likes coming up with odd nicknames, so I have a lot.

    I don’t know where this came from, but ever since I was a baby, my dad has been calling me “Beeber”. Sometimes it’s shortened to “Beeb”. To this day I have no clue why he decided to call me this, but he STILL does (and I’m in my mid twenties now).

    My mom calls me “Merriwether”, which in turn she got from my aunt. Again, no clue WHY (other than that fact that my name is Meredith, and it’s slightly similiar).

    My older sister, for some reason, never pronounced my name correctly. Sometimes she called me “Merv”, which evolved into “Merv Griffin” (a positively delightful nickname for a young girl…). Eventually she settled on “Merrith”, which now my nephews and niece call me.

    Lastly, when I was younger, my brother decided to call me “Mudface” (he wanted a brother, and was not happy when I turned out to be a girl). The nickname stuck for probably longer than it should have.

  57. Eve says:

    My childhood nickname was Eve, which is short for my first name Evelyn. No story behind it, I was just called that my whole life so I wouldnt know. It is just a short version of my first name.

    shopgurl101 AT gmail DOT com

  58. Elin says:

    When I was younger i were called Nisse.
    A nisse is a small humanoid-creature living in stables taking care of animals.
    I got the nickname becuase of a red hat looking similar to thoose of a nisse.

  59. Kiki says:

    When I was younger my father gave me the nickname ‘Birdsy’ because he said I ate like a bird. I hated eating and would only have one or two mouthfuls and then cry if my parents tried to make me eat more. It’s funny to me now because no one EVER has to ask me twice to eat something 🙂

  60. Rebecca says:

    My childhood nickname was “Tweety” (from the Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show). I’d like to think it was because I was tiny and cute, but it was probably because I had a big head 😛

  61. beautymichi says:

    My childhood nickname was something like Rice-a-Roni because my last name is Rice. My stepdad called my Brittery.

  62. Joy says:

    My mom used to (and still does) call me baobei, which means precious in Chinese 🙂 Now she calls me big baobei, My son small baobei, and my daughter small small baobei.

  63. Jenn says:

    My mom used to give me tons of nicknames, she would even make up weird little songs for them. The only ones that actually stuck for more than a week were Chinchilla, ’cause my hair was soft like a chinchilla. Or she would call me Zagnut after the candy bar, though I’m not so sure why (hopefully because I was sweet, not because I was fat lol).

  64. Tonje says:

    My dad and my grandmother always called me “bøtteknott” which is Norwegian and does not really mean anything, but it is EXTREMELY close to “bøttekott” (only an extra N in my nick name) which is the cupboard where you keep your cleaning products and buckets…

    But I still love my nick name, it brings back so many good memories. My dad tried to call my daughter “bøtteknott” but he just looked at me and said (with a tear in his eye) “YOU are the only bøtteknott in this family!” Bless!

  65. Richi says:

    My childhood nickname was “Rinchi”, which in my parents’ language means crybaby. My name is Richi but my cousins used to make fun of me that way 😦

    I cried very easily! I don’t cry a lot anymore though 🙂

  66. GerryBerry says:

    hmm i can think of 2 nicknames that i’ve been called:

    when i was infant age-years, my nickname was boule, which is french for like a ball because i was so round and chubby.
    and of course Gerryberry is another nickname that still sticks. i like it and it rhymes 😀

  67. nada says:

    NOODLE – because i had crazy wild hair that looked like noodles! more like a cave woman but hey

  68. Nicole says:

    My childhood nickname is “Beebop.” My dad used to call my brother and I Beebop and Rocksteady (From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon). mine stuck. Sometimes my dad will still call me it

  69. Flower says:

    My friend would call me “Flower” because my name is Iris, which is a type of flower. I told everyone I hated it and would only allow her to call me it. But it has grown on me and to this day, I still respond to it if someone says the word “flower”.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :]

  70. CuteButBitey says:

    My childhood nickname was always Babe or Bubbina. This came from when I was newly born and my handicapped cousin was trying to pronounce ‘Baby’ but it came out “Bubby”.
    My parents still call me both of these to this day, 26 years later. 🙂

  71. KwaiFei says:

    my name is chew kwai fei , a guy called me CHEW-KAP-FEI ( super fat in cantonese) once and promote to everyone..and now i’m stuck with this name for about 10 years ald…
    it never change after i come to new workplace or new university.. i wonder how they know my childhood nickname >.<

  72. SARA says:

    My childhood name was “Ciccina”, my father used to call my mom this way before their marriage!

  73. Karli says:

    Oh, lord. I had tons of nicknames. I was really, really sick as a kid. I had broken 8 bones before I left middle school. I was super weak and everything always hurt. I was never in school. (As it turns out, I was born with a particularly debilitating disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.) So as you can imagine, I was always on crutches and in casts and things. They called me Hobbles a lot. That ones pretty self explanatory.
    Squeaky was also a popular one. For a couple months, I had to walk around school with old crutches that squeaked every time I walked. I did get new ones. But my name stayed the same.
    I was never bitter about it, though. The people calling me that stuff were my friends. And now, I even make fun of it myself.

  74. Lola says:

    My nickname for a while in high school was “punching bag.” Not because anyone actually beat me up or anything, but because I was fed up with being hug attacked as a greeting. I started just giving people a light punch on the shoulder to say hi, but they reciprocated more forcefully just because they could. So instead of hug attacks, I got ninja punched 😛

    Anyways, that’s how I became “punching bag.”

  75. cutenss says:

    My dad gave me and my sister nicknames. Heck my dad gave everyone nicknames(even my mom). So mine was…”bone-meal”. Yes “bone-meal”. I t was because my legs were so skinny when I was little. But it never bothered me the reasoning behind the nickname. He called my sister “snake” He himself, has a nickname that he gave himself. Me and my sister laugh when we refer to him. I have a habit of giving people nicknames. I know where I got it from. It was genetic LOL

  76. aleialaw says:

    My childhood nickname was Vanilla! My sister and I were less than 15 months apart, so people thought somehow we were twins (looked nothing alike!) But she was darker brown and I was light brown. So we became Vanilla and Chocolate! LMBO!

  77. Serikiyo says:

    My Aunt and Uncle used to (and still) call me “Under -Da-Sea”, obviously from the little mermaid. Just after I was old enough to walk, they used to babysit me. They’d put the little mermaid VHS on, and when the “Under The Sea” song came on, I would SHRIEK at the very top of my lungs, run through the house and dance my diapers off. XD

  78. Amy Vennard says:

    My childhood nickname was Skinny Kid. For obvious reasons 😛 I was always really skinny and still sort of am. I still get called it from time to time, despite being almost 22 now. 😛

  79. Jessi says:

    My Dad used to call me Beezer. I’m not sure where he got it from, but my Dad is the opposite of sentimental, so the fact that he had a nickname for me at all was pretty special!

  80. anna says:

    i’ve been called ansy & annapi by my dad. i dont really have a nick name 😛 anna is kind of too short and easy to pronounce i guess :P. sometimes my mom calls me anna-chan because she is japanese,but not very often. Sometimes she will call me that when shes angry at me though which is quite often

  81. Lydia says:

    i have had so many nicknames I dont even think i could remember all of them. My dad gave me the nickname Lydibug when i was really little and my whole family called me that then i started to hate it as i got older but now I’ve grown to love it its fun i think, some of my friends call me Lola (which is a long story). I also get called Lydi, Lyd, Lydi Nae, Lou, Lou-lou, Lo, Princess Lo, Lalalalola, Skinny, my last name, chicken lady, Rabbit queen, theres more i just cant remember them all haha. Most of the time as soon as i get to know a person i give them a nickname and start calling them that so i think this is a awesome contest!

  82. Sarah Lindsay says:

    I had many. Lindsay — fits my name, reds (I have red hair), RT (reverse twinkie) – actually Sophomore year of college, a friend of mine is asian but she is very pale so she calls herself a twinkie and I am the reverse.

    I also have the nickname Betty Crocker because I love to bake.

  83. Jess says:

    i had many childhood nicknames but only 2 stand out.

    1. Mr Jessica – cos i was such a tomboy, and
    2. Elephant ears – cos my ears were so big. it didn’t help that my seniors kept pulling my ears! my face has since filled out though, and my ears don’t stand out that much anymore. hehe!

  84. mindy j hilb says:

    i was called motor mouth mindy. i talked so much i would even get in trouble in church. in the 4th grade i talked so much my teacher put me in the hallway, i talked to the other kids in the class across the hall, so that teacher sent me to the principal and i had to sit on the naughty bench outside the principal’s office, i talked to the the other kids who were sitting on the bench and then i got suspended because i would not be quiet. i spent my “afternoon suspension” at home talking with my mom…awesome!

    • mindy j hilb says:

      per above reply… motor mouth mindy aka lazycakes. hubby calls me lazycakes…have no idea why as i have 7 kids and i don’t even have a chance to be lazy!!! hee! hee!

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