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Still Alive

Howdy all- I am still alive, thanks for asking. I’m feeling better and did a half day of work on Friday, so I’m officially back in the land of the living.  I’ll be back soon with regular posting!

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Getaway FAIL

We went up north to some hot springs to relax a little- I was hoping to see some snow and relax in the outdoor baths. I had something like this in mind: (Image courtesy of Takaragawa Onsen.) Instead, we wound … Continue reading

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Getting Away to the Great Frozen North

Well, not really the Great Frozen North, but I am cutting out of work early and going to the hot springs to relax for the weekend.  There are a lot of natural hot springs in Japan and my favorite are … Continue reading

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Purple Butterfly

I’ve been doing a little wear-testing on some of my art nails to see how long they last and under what conditions.  So far, so good! The butterflies are made of a clay cane which can be sliced with a … Continue reading

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Alien Snot

This color was so bad, I tried to put Konad, dots AND glitter over it.  I meant to make a cheery spring green, but what I got was actually an alien snot color.  I don’t know how else to describe … Continue reading

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Blue Steel

Here’s an electric blue made from a hideous old eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, you can see the lumps on the surface but it made a better nail polish than eyeshadow.  This was from the Japanese dollar store. I have no idea why I … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Conversation Hearts

I wanted to show a really simple Valentine’s nail art look for all you procrastinators out there! This one was inspired by those awful-tasting Conversation hearts- you know, the pastel ones seemingly made of chalk that has Valentine-y phrases on … Continue reading

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Arachnid Romance

As you guys may know, I’m not much of a romantic, so here’s my Valentine’s Day manicure, featuring hearts and spiders. I guess you could look deeply into the metaphor that love is a trap, but I just like spiders … Continue reading

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きっと勝つ (Japanese Kit Kats)

I’m feeling a little better today about everything and had a very illuminating conversation about mail fraud! Did you know it’s a federal offense to tamper with stamps (even if it’s only 25 cents, you’ll still go to the slammer)? … Continue reading

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Black Foil Flames

Well, I’ve been having a dodgy couple of days, including an on-line nail incident and staying up late to have to call people in the US- darn time difference. Tired, cranky and I’m feeling even more stubborn than usual. So, … Continue reading

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