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Pink Identity Crisis

Sometimes a few drops of color can make a huge difference in the color of a polish. I’m not really a pink person (though I have been showing a lot of pinks lately!) but I do like purples.  Here is … Continue reading

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Star of the Sea Gradation

Well, I did some further experimenting with the Helena and Demetrius pigment from yesterday’s post.  I poured the pigment into a little plastic bag and crushed it with a spoon. I did get a finer pigment with less lumps, but … Continue reading

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Pursuing Periwinkle

As you may know, one of my favorite colors is periwinkle- real periwinkle, not the fakey lavender or wimpy light blue ones that often pass for the real thing. There are a few shades of it in the nail polish world, … Continue reading

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Pinked Mauve

Pink eyeshadow.  I can’t wear it without looking sick.  In fact, I can’t really imagine this shade looking good on anyone: It’s MAC Pinked Mauve and it came in one of those holiday sets  with the mini-pigments (maybe from 2008?). … Continue reading

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Fixing a Sheer Polish With Pigment

I do most of my nail polish shopping online because I’m outside of the US and polish in Japan is outrageously expensive.  Most sites have little blobs to indicate the polish color.  Some depictions are better than others, but I always … Continue reading

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Holiday Pics

Today is a much-needed holiday (at least for me!) in Japan. I’m still really jet-lagged, even though I’ve been back almost a week. I wake up wide awake early in the morning and fall asleep instantaneously at night. But at … Continue reading

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Black Jelly Glitter…The Impossible Dream

I’ve been trying to make a black jelly glitter for the longest time, never with good results. I don’t think there’s enough reflectivity in the black glitter to get a sparkling look- it’s always dense and clumpy. Here was my … Continue reading

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