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Hong Kong Haul Part 2

And here’s my favorite part of the haul: CS brand nail polish from Bonjour drugstore. I went to at least three different Bonjours to try and get the whole collection! They’re numbered from 1 to 25 and I got most … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Haul- Part 1

I’m sorry for not posting last week.  Technical problems, a busy schedule and my messy house kind of gobbled up my time. I did go to the Tokyo Nail Expo today and it was AWESOME, both in the surfer-dude meaning … Continue reading

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I Went To Hong Kong and All I Bought Was A Crate of Nail Polish

Hello all! I spent a fantastic weekend in Hong Kong and stayed at the lovely Peninsula Hotel. I’m a sucker for classical Asian colonial architecture and this place didn’t disappoint! I’m not really used to people turning down the covers … Continue reading

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I’m Off To Hong Kong

Hello everyone! I’m off to Hong Kong and Macau for the weekend and I’m going to keep an eye out for new, sparkly polishes.  I’ll be back on Tuesday with some new glittery bits, I’m sure! I need a little fresh inspiration … Continue reading

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Thrills in the Beverly Hills Wagon Train

I think I’ll be re-working that Opulent Cloud franken from yesterday as it seems it was pretty far off the original color, but for now I’ve got a fun shade that I like a lot. It’s a layer franken- no … Continue reading

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Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud Franken

This is a request from ages back- sorry it took so long! Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud was released sometime earlier this year in the HD collection (don’t ask me why they tried to make it sound all hi-tech, it’s all … Continue reading

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Lincoln Park Before Dark Franken

I love OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, which I got in a lovely package from a friend recently. It’s a really dark purple that looks almost black. I love dark colors, but today I wanted to show you how easy … Continue reading

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