Happy Valentine’s Day- Off Topic

Well, Feb. 14 is almost finished here in Tokyo.

In the interest of saving money to buy more nail polish, my guy and I decided to have a mellow night in. I didn’t really feel like getting all dressed up and eating expensive food. But we didn’t want to do nothing at all, so we decided on homemade chocolate fondue.


It was really nice and we had a good time hanging out at home. Battling the crowds in a city of 13 million (35 million with the surrounding suburbs!) is not much fun, especially not in high heels in winter. Chocolate fondue at home for the win!

On the nail polish front: I did make something awesome, a color I might call Evil Ruby Pumps: like the fantastic China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but with a purple base and black and purple glitter. If Ruby Pumps had a scary, gothy dark amethyst sister, this would be it.

Also coming up: a blinding ’80s color and a fruity manicure. Stay tuned and have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!


About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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3 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day- Off Topic

  1. Brooke says:

    Those strawberries look soooo tasty!! Me and the BF spent the night in too, but we don’t have any of that yummy fruit and chocolate 🙂 Your little table set up is really cute and romantic 🙂

    Can’t wait to see that ruby pumps gone bad!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    Go Brooke! I’m glad to hear someone else didn’t fall for the “you need to spend a lot of money” thing. In Japan, it’s really crazy what people spend.
    The strawberries were really delicious but so expensive I almost cried at the checkout ($10 a pack). But it was fun.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you + your guy and of course Dinky! 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    Hope you had a romanticlly good time! Love strawberries. I picked my own a long time ago. They were absolutely the most delicious ones I ever had.

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