China Glaze Dorothy Who? Franken

Brooke at requested this one after seeing it on the Nailphile.

It’s a gorgeous blue China Glaze with blue glitter. Of course, it’s discontinued. China Glaze does awesome glitter polishes in jelly bases, such as the green Emerald Sparkle or red Ruby Pumps. It’s not glitter in a clear base- the base is color and the glitter dries smooth.

After examining this one closely with my Franken Eye, I decided the best way to go about it would be to paint the base first. You want an electric blue base, but not too opaque. It needs to have a sort of jelly quality- sort of translucent, like a stained glass window.

So, the base was made up of two blues and some clear (not quick dry!!!). I used 1/3 China Glaze Frostbite, a slightly shimmery electric blue (right), and China Glaze 1/3Bermuda Breakaway (left), a medium cornflower blue creme, and 1/3 clear polish to give the jelly base.


Paint two coats of this on your nails. It will not be totally opaque. Now, you’ve got to work fast. In the remaining jelly base color, you need to add glitter. (My two favorite words!) If your jelly base is thickening, add a wee bit of clear polish- a few drops at most. If you can’t get it to apply evenly because it thickened too much, you need to mix a new batch of jelly base.

The secret for this franken is for the glitter to sit in the jelly base to be perfectly smooth. If you just apply the glitter on top, it won’t be intergrated with the polish like it is in Dorothy Who.

OK, ready for the glitter? In your jelly base, dump in some blue glitter. You will need two glitters for the best results, unless you have an exact match on the glitter used in the orignal. I didn’t, so I used Color Club Sexy Siren and Color Club Art Club Blue Glitter NA29. Add a couple brushfulls of each to the jelly base and mix well. If your glitter clumps, your base is too opaque. When the base color is translucent, the sparkles can mix in with it and show through.


One coat of the glitter/jelly mix should be enough to be totally opaque.

Here’s the final result:




About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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8 Responses to China Glaze Dorothy Who? Franken

  1. Nixxy says:

    Wow – that is stunning #:O

  2. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    Glad you liked it!

  3. DAMN girlfriend, you NAILED this color!!! I have Frostbite and the Color Club, I need Breakaway and the Art club. Is it possible to mix a whole bottle of this?? You are so great! I am going to do a post on this linking to your site! I can’t say enough amazing things about this, you got this so right. You need to insure that “Franken Eye” of yours! lol

    Thanks for doing my request!

  4. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    Brooke- it was a lot of fun to do this one! I got it in the first try, so that was pretty exciting. You could definitely make a whole bottle of this, but make sure your base color is not totally opaque. If it is too opaque, when you add the sparkles, they’ll just clump up. If the base coat covers your nail in one coat, it’s too opaque. You need the glitter to shine through- think of the base in Ruby Pumps or Emerald Sparkle if you have that.

    If you can’t get the franken right, let me know and I’ll make a franken bottle or painted tips and send them to you. Every girl should have this gorgeous color! Thanks for all your comments and requests!

  5. Lina-Elvira says:

    Wow awesome 😀 I did a franken of Dorothy who? at the weekend (you can see that on my blog) but this is so much better!! 🙂

  6. nevertoomuchglitter says:

    Lina-Elvira, nice blog and nice franken. I think your base is a little dark to be a dupe, but I like the sapphire sparkly quality of your franken!

  7. Chinda says:

    Wow, how great.

    I will try to mix it in a bottle. 🙂

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