Hello world!

I’m setting up this blog to share my two obsessions with the world: nail polish and color.  I’m in Tokyo, where pale and polite colors rule. It’s usually either boring neutrals or amazing Frito length nails festooned in glitter and rhinestones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sparkles and glitter, but I can’t imagine living my life in three inch nails covered in 3-D Hello Kitty puffy bits. Soo..all the colors and designs you see here are all of my own making. I love mixing or “frankening” colors and I want you to be able to do that too! I do only enough for one wearing, so each color is a one-off. If your nails are short like mine, you may be able to get away with most of these at the office. But if my colors get a raised eyebrow one day, I’ll be wearing something different the next day for sure.

I use all kinds of nail polish, most often cheap ones! I also use pigments to alter colors to get them exactly what I want. Sometimes I match outfits, sometimes I try to duplicate a ridiculously hard-to-find color, and sometimes I just experiment. I’m an artist, so sometimes artsy/technical words do tend to sneak in….if you have any questions about my technique, feel free to ask.

I use mini silicone baking cups to mix my polishes in. After the polish dries, I can just turn the cup inside out and the dried polish pops right out. I mix light colors in one baking cup, dark in another, and combine from there.  Stir, stir, stir, let the air bubbles work themselves out, add pigment if desired, and paint away.  I’ve never experienced any trouble from mixing brands together, though some people do advise against it. Each color is one wear only, nothing is saved. It makes me sad when I make a great color but I think every day deserves unique nails. After all this time working with color, I can duplicate it again later- or maybe even tweak it a little to get a color I love even more!


About nevertoomuchglitter

Nail artist. Wanderer. I'm a color-holic, in fact, it was my love of color that brought me to the nail art world. Well, that, and the fact I was too cheap to pay crazy Japanese prices for nail polish while living in Tokyo, so I had to start mixing my own. That's how NTMG began.
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Ruthless says:

    You need to do a set of fakers for every franken and list it on etsy!

  2. Melanie says:

    Hello! I just finished looking through ALL your entries and I was amazed. You are very creative and talented and I enjoy the tutorials you post. It has recently become a hobby of mine to paint my nails cool colors with funky designs. Keep them coming!

  3. Goaliee says:

    Okay, so, I just today found your blog, and after looking through a few of the middle-age posts (from 2010, I mean), I’m going back to where it all started and CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! Yay! Thanks, in advance, for all the joy you’re about to bring to my 2013! 🙂

    • nevertoomuchglitter says:

      Aww, you’re too sweet! Thanks very much and I look forward to some crazy ideas and fun nail art in 2013. 🙂

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