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How To Mix Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic nail polish is a really fun thing- it has a light reflecting silver pigment in it that causes the color to shift depending on the angle and the light. Lots of commercial nail polish companies do offer holo shades, … Continue reading

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Spa Ritual Frankens

I showed you Spa Ritual Conglomerate in my last post and decided that, while unique, it wasn’t something I’d use a whole bottle of. I decided to do some good old frankening to see if I could come up with … Continue reading

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DIY Textured Polishes

Textured polishes are all the rage right now, but I’m kind of on the fence about them. I personally don’t like texture on my nails since it makes me want to pick at them. I do see potential to do … Continue reading

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How To Tint Glitterbomb Polish To Get More Shades!

I’ve been noticing a lot of polishes the Japanese call “milky glitters” around. For those of you not so quite into the lingo, that’s any glitter polish (usually of different sizes and shapes) in a translucent base that lets the … Continue reading

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Icicle Blue Franken

Though I’m right on the equator now, I have spent a lot of time in freezing cold places, and I know a lot of your guys are currently in the brunt of winter, so here’s any icy shade for all … Continue reading

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Preppy Tweed Glitter Frankens

Yes, “preppy tweed glitter.” Not words often heard together, but that’s what I’ve got up my sleeve today! I’ve had a few questions lately about how to mix up glitter polishes. Right now, there are quite a few independent nail-polish … Continue reading

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Franken with Iridescent Pigments and China Glaze Ride The Waves

I hope everyone isn’t getting tired of seeing my iridescent pigments yet! Today I’ve given the iridescent glitter treatment to China Glaze Ride The Waves, a medium blue jelly. This color does not photograph well- it is slightly darker in … Continue reading

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Frankening With Iridescent Pigments and Glitter

Today I have some polish + iridescent pigment frankens to show you. These pigments have a whitish base with a certain color flash in the correct light. ¬†They’re sometimes called “aurora” or “interference pigments.” Many of these iridescent pigments look … Continue reading

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Starry Night Part 2

Essie (before they were purchased by L’Oreal) had a very popular polish several years ago called Starry Night. It was a basic deep blue with silver microglitter- not that hard to duplicate with a quick layer of silver polish over … Continue reading

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Too Many Red Glitters?

Howdy everyone! I have a confession to make that I’m sure will surprise no one: I have too many red glitter polishes. This admittedly gorgeous yet not terribly unique shade is put out by almost every nail polish company, particularly … Continue reading

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