Early Fall Nail Art

Everyone- I am still alive and well- just really busy and letting the blog go to the dogs. I do apologize for being neglectful! Everyone can still get their daily dose of nail art on my Facebook, in case you’re in need.

Here’s a mishmash of what I’ve been up to: tweeds, foils, teeny Jack Daniel’s bottles, pirate-inspired treasure box nails, and some fall-inspired Pucci nails. I’ve got some Halloween designs coming up too.

NeverTooMuchGlitter Early Fall Nail Collage

It’s kind of wrecking my design groove to leave in a place without seasons. Fall is my absolute favorite, and it just doesn’t exist on the equator. It’s hard for me to get inspired when it’s not autumnal outside, but I’m doing my best to keep on making weird and wonderful nails. I miss crispy days, pumpkins, foliage and the scent of falling leaves, but I’ll be back to that eventually. For now I’ll just try to enjoy where I am, even if the only jack o’lanterns around will be on my nails!

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China Glaze Paper Chasing Frankens

With my nail polish stash numbering in the 4 figures (even Mr. NTMG doesn’t know exactly how many there are…mwa ha ha), I’ve been sorting through and culling the stash a bit. I find I rarely use sheer polishes, except in occasional nail art where I need a transparent look. I don’t like straight-up translucents very much, since I think they look incomplete, somehow. Just my personal taste.

With that in mind, I decided to do one of my favorite things: add glitter and franken those sheer polishes to add some new life to them. Today’s hardly-ever-used sheer polish is China Glaze Paper Chasing, a sheer nuclear green that falls just short of neon. It’s pretty old- from the Kicks Collection in 2009.











Here it is on its own, with three rather thick coats. It’s still streaky, but I was running out of patience. It dries pretty slow, but does have a nice gloss on its own, unlike some more neon-y greens.










Here are the various goodies I added. I used MAC pigments which I bought back in the day before MAC was purchased by Estee Lauder. MAC is no longer cruelty-free after this acquisition, but I’m using up my existing stash of MAC glitters. There are lots of dupes for these particular pigment glitter from cruelty-free options like Coastal Scents, TKB Trading, and Fyrinnae.

Paper Chasing + Blue

















I just added a small spoonful of glitter to a silicone baking cup, then added some Paper Chasing and mixed it up. All swatches below are 2 coats, no topcoat.

Paper Chasing + Gold


















Paper Chasing + Pink

















Paper Chasing + Silver















Paper Chasing + Silver Glitter
















And finally, a shot of all the colors together, with Paper Chasing as-is on the top. Just goes to show what a little glitter can do! ;)


What do you guys think? Are you fond of sheers, or find yourself not reaching for them very often?

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Minna No Nail (Everybody’s Nails!)

Today I have some scans from the Japanese nail art magazine Nail Up (I think- but it might be NailMax), showing user-submitted nail art. Japanese nail art did go through a somewhat understated phase in the last few years, but there’s still some crazy art to be had. Just to be clear, these are not my work, but just too crazy not to share! The grand prize is 10,000 yen, or about $100USD. Not much considering the amount of work some of these required, but it’s all about glittery glory, right?

Everyone's Nail Art 2

Most of these are nice but rather standard- I see some leopard print, a Union Jack, some florals..and WHOA BABY! Some outrageous nails with humongous bejeweled jaguars, a fan, and…whoa. These won the 10,000 yen, but I’d guess the jaguars alone cost a chunk of that. Japanese nail art at its wacky finest.

Everyone's Nail Art 1

For super decorated nails, the pointy shape is most popular. They seem a bit dangerous for everyday life, but that’s what’s in. I have seen some gals out and about in Tokyo with nails like this, but it’s not the usual. The more jewels and 3D sculpture, the better!

Everyone's Nail Art 3
Some fun designs here- check the water marbling + 3D florals on the upper left corner, plus som M&Ms, some handpainted anime characters, Spongebob, and some bold graphic black/white and gold. The winner is this round is the butterflies with the thumbs-up icon next to it (center right).

I’ve been doing some work for an upcoming Lolita style guide to be published in Europe later this year. Along with some other editorial work, I’ve keeping pretty busy. But since I feel the need to add some of my own wacky nail art to the blogosphere, here are some teeny Boy George nails I made with a stamping plate:

Boy George Nails by NeverTooMuchGlitter










I heard Karma Chameleon on the radio for the first time in ages, and then these nails just happened. ;)

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Summer Fun Nail Ideas

How’s summer rolling along for everyone? It’s definitely the season for fun! I do currently live right near the equator, so it’s always summer. Sounds nice in theory but I miss the seasons. I definitely have to work a bit harder for seasonal nail inspiration, but at least I will never have to defrost my car here. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

Here’s some summery nail art that I’ve come up with lately. If you live in a permanently warm zone, you can rock these all year round, or if not, now’s the time!

Summer Fun Nail Art by NeverTooMuchGlitter

Since summer is the time to let loose and have fun, how about a crazy neon pedicure or a little bit of nail art? A really good topcoat is a must, since most people tend to be a bit tougher on the nails in summer (digging in the sand, chlorine pools, etc). Wherever you are, I hope you’re having fun! Bonus if you’re doing it with fab nails. ;)


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I <3 NP Summer 2014 Swatches

As most of you may have figured out by now, I’m a sucker for duochrome nail polish- the sort of shade that shifts color in the different lighting and angles. Many shades claim to be duochrome, but I need to be able to see distinctly different colors to get excited. In my quest for color-shifting joy, I have been known to put up with hideous application issues (think 4 coats of thin, watery duochrome over a basecoat of black). But now….I’ve found a new  crack dealer  indie polish company that makes duochromes that are a dream come true. And of course, these polishes are cruelty-free, otherwise they wouldn’t be on my blog or in my stash.

Enter I Love NP. Here are some duochromes from the Summer 2014 Collection.

Box shots! Ooh…ahhh!





















These are darn hard to photograph, but worth the trouble! Left to right: Masquerade, Undenied, Peace, Bishop, Sirene.

My current stubby nails won’t do these justice, so I had to paint up the longest, baddest fake nails in my stash to show you how the color looks different, depending on the angle:











Masquerade. Builds to fabulousity in 2 coats. Red and green and gold and…oh my. I Love NP actually calls these “Multichromes” rather than duochromes, and I see why! I can see at least 4 different colors here.











Undenied. This is a plummy, warm toned purple, and while not quite as spectacularly multichromatic, it shows a range of maroon, plum and purple, plus green and gold if you get it just right.











Peace. This is a cool-toned purple cousin to Undenied, with a bright blue flash, along with other tones of purple. It reminds me of galaxies and sci-fi movies for some reason.











Bishop. A hazel golden green, this is what I’d wear if I went on a photo safari to Africa. It’s a very metallic, tawny warm gold with flashes of dark khaki, medium green and even a hint of deep amber in the right light. Excuse the lousy finish, I was scraping the bottom of the bottle of my Seche topcoat.











Sirene. It’s a deep teal  which flashes different shades of blue and purple. While this is not the most flattering on my skin tone, the amazing duochrominess makes up for it!

These swatches are 3 thin coats with no basecoat. I could have gotten away with two coats, but I wanted maximum multichrome wonderfulness, so I went for 3. Barbra, the mixologist, is lovely to work with and even accommodated my order that couldn’t go through on the website. Two glittery thumbs up for these!

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Kickin’ It In The Maldives

I’m normally just about nails, but I am having such a great time right now that I am going to share pics of my tropical vacation! I’m currently in the Maldives, recharging my creative juices and hanging out with Mr. NTMG.

I’ll definitely have some aquatic and nautical ideas in mind when I get back to real life in the busy city in a couple days. Maybe some tropical cocktail nails, or something with sharks. I saw 5 sharks while snorkeling, along with a sea turtle, some clownfish, a giant starfish, lots of coral, plus lots of other assorted sea critters.

So here’s some shots of what’s going on here. Sorry it’s not about nails this time, but I’m sure some sea life will be working its way into some nail art soon! We will be back to our regularly scheduled glittertacularity in my next post. :)


image image image

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Dishwashing Detergent Nail Art

Proving that the Japanese will make a nail art contest out of just about *anything,* here’s a contest in which the theme was Joy diswashing detergent. The prize is a trophy…and 16 bottles of dishwashing detergent.

There were enough contest entries for several pages of nails…ah, Japan. Here is the epic battle for sudsy-themed nail art dominance, from Nail Max magazine.
















The three nails on the bottom are the winners from the last time. (Last time?!)

Below with the arrows, I have drawn a blue arrow next to the nails that actually have anything to do with dishwashing detergent. The rest are all random floral nails, which I think is the go-to in any Japanese nail art contest whatsoever, no matter the theme. It could be a “Bloody Death In Battle” contest and there would still be an overwhelming selection of nails with roses and glitter, and perhaps a kawaii pearl bow or two.
































Check out the 3D bottle of detergent in the right column, third down! Too cute.

So, folks, paint hard, practice a lot and you might be able to win large quantities of cleaning supplies! I know it’s all about the glory and not the prize, but still. Crazy product challenges aside, many nail art contests generally cost quite a bit to enter and the prize is worth far less than the entry fee, so even if you win, you’re still coming out behind. Sometimes it seems like a bit of a scam.

I hope the disappointing trend of Flower Nails No Matter What The Theme will turn around soon. I think judges start penalizing people who don’t follow the theme- otherwise, why have any theme at all? A prime example was the Nail Tip Contest at the 2013 Tokyo Nail Expo. The theme was “Fresh Flesh,” which lent itself to interesting possibilities, but a majority of the nails were…flowers. Whether the theme is Dishwashing Detergent or Fresh Flesh, the nails look startlingly similar. This is really a dud for those of us who want to see real art. Don’t get me wrong- the florals are gorgeous and well done, but I want to see something daring and weird and wonderful!

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