Off To Japan!

I’m really sorry for being neglectful to my blog readers…I’ve been awful about updating here! I post new nail art on Facebook daily here but I have been lousy about the blog as other project (books! Gothic Beauty Magazine! Nail Max!) have taken center stage. I actually haven’t done my own nails in ages!

I’m jetting off in a couple hours to Japan to get some fresh inspiration, since I’ve been feeling really stuck in a rut. I want to get some springtime instead of eternal sticky summer, and the crazy street fashion of Tokyo is always a source of ideas, which I am sorely in need of!

A few days of Japan R&R should cure my southeast Asia blues and I hope to be back to blogging with something worth reading about! I am going to be trying some of the latest Japanese true metallic gels, plus some new sculpting gel that’s buildable to 3D shapes. I’ve been hoping to try some totally transparent shapes embedded with rhinestones in the middle..and maybe some sand and shells for summer. I have a strange fondness for things embedded in other things- amber, paperweights and old Bakalite jewelry with glitter in it.



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NTMG Featured in Issue 43 of Gothic Beauty Magazine

Yay! I have a nail tutorial in Issue 43 of Gothic Beauty magazine, along with a little featurette (I think- haven’t seen the actual copy yet!)

I have a separate site devoted to gothic nail art at, just to have a portfolio for my darker styles. Not too much gothic inspiration in tropically steamy Singapore, but I still rock some dark looks. ;)

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Happy Mardi Gras 2014!

How’s everyone? Still digging out from under the brutal winter? Here’s a little something to to cheer everyone up- it’s Mardi Gras! Let the good times roll! :)


Any holiday that involves beads is a-OK by me! I haven’t been to Mardi Gras/Carnival yet, but I’m hoping to see it someday before I get too old to get beads thrown at me. ;)


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you guys feeling the love this year, or not in the mood? In either case, I have some nail art to show you!

Here’s the one for those of you who are down on your love, with ‘Love Stinks; a broken heart, some punky plaid and a grinning skull:


Here’s what I wore today:

valentines day

I like my Valentine’s a little on the dark side, so I went with burgundy metallic, black roses and some gold Konad. The fan is made of sandalwood from Hawaii- it was from my wedding, so it has a lot of sentimental value. The ring-finger cupid may be a bit cheesy, but what other day can I use that besides today? ;)

And, for those of you looking for some last-minute romantic manicures, here’s a little collage of what I’ve been doing over the last couple weeks:

Valentine's Day 2014 collage

Whether Cupid’s shot his dart at you, or you’re throwing darts at photos of exes, I hope everyone has a happy day! Oh, and here’s some unsolicited love advice from your friendly neighborhood glitter addict: If someone stabs you in the back once, don’t hand them the knife again. There are misunderstandings and things to be worked out in every relationship, but if someone pulls a really dirty move on you (cheating on you with your best friend, stealing, hitting you because you “made them mad,” etc.) then don’t give them a second chance. They’ve shown you who they are. Believe them the first time they do that. Plenty more fish in the sea, right? Happy Tomorrow Is 70% Off Chocolate Day, everyone! <3

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Teapot Inspired Nails

I’m a color junkie at heart, and I spend a lot of time mixing up custom colors when I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Today, I have some nails inspired by the humble teapot.

I couldn’t find the exact shade of gray I wanted- I know Color Club makes something very close to this teapot shade, but I don’t have those newer neutral shades, so I frankened up one myself with black Essie Licorice (Essie is no longer cruelty-free, but I have still polish in my stash from their kinder days), a few drops of medium yellow (China Glaze Sunshine Pop to add a hint of warmth, and some creme white with Misa Kiss the Bride.  Here’s what I got!

Teapot nails

When making any frankenpolish that involves black, add the black to your palette first. It’s way too easy to add too much black to an already mixed shade and get a much darker color than expected, which means you will have to add a ton of white to lighten it up. Start with the darkest shade, add the main color (in this case white) and then tint the resulting mixture (here with yellow to warm it up a bit).

Of course, I can’t resist adding some details, so some roses and handpainted vines finished the look! I had to hold back on the mini rhinestones, which would have looked lovely scattered on the nail, but didn’t really match with the rustic-ness of the teapot. So, next time, I’m just going to have to buy a more bedazzled teapot! ;)


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Woohoo! Book Sneak Peek!

I’ve contributed some nail art to a couple recent books- one is just going to press now and will be published at the end of the month. It’s with a German company, so the first version is in German. English will follow a bit later, but for now, here’s a sneak peek!

The book features my work as well as that of some other contemporary nail artists, though I’ve got another project in the works with just me. I’ll give the full details once it’s available for sale!

Nevertoomuchglitter-1 Nevertoomuchglitter-4 Nevertoomuchglitter-6


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Nail Art January 2014 and Interior Design Musings

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, so I’ve been thinking up some nail designs for that. This year is a Horse year. There’s lots of shiny gold and red decorations around, which bring much happiness to my magpie soul.

Here’s a little collage of what I’ve been up to, nail-wise. I’m thinking spring, even though I know a whole lot of people are buried in snow and cold weather at the moment.

I’ve been doing everything from Japanese 3-D girly bombs to some Treasure Map nail (lower left) for a magazine contest, plus some florals, some retro pop art nails, and some bejeweled foils.

NTMG Jan 2014

One of my resolutions for this year is to make my house more home-like. Living overseas, my decor previously has been “Nomadic College Student/Early Ikea.” But given my decorating resolution, I’ve been in the market for antique Asian furniture. I just bought a fabulous black and gold wedding chest with a design that just might find its way onto some nails. I’d have my whole house decorated like a 1900s opium den if I didn’t have to leave the furniture behind when I leave. I’m dying to paint my walls brick red with black molding red but unfortunately that’ll have to wait until I have my own place. Till then I’m stuck with polite eggshell white walls, though at least I can jazz it up with some sparkly pillows and wall hangings.

What about you guys? Any eclectic home designs, fabrics, etc.  that have ever inspired nail art? Share with us in the comments! :)

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